Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi - book review

Book - Exam Warriors  Author - Narendra Modi  Published by - Penguin  Year - 2018  Review - 5/5 stars 

Isn't this the first time a PM is directly engaging with the students of the country? Maybe not! Maybe yes as well! Literature has no dimensions and PM Modi has proved it yet again with his book - Exam Warriors. This is a self-help book which teaches children, or rather advises them how to cope with the days during the exams which often become loaded with stress and anxiety and a little nervousness. Exam Warriors, just a day after the launch, became all India number 1 bestseller on Amazon and still continues to be so! It has to be impressive, no?

An Interview with Shilpa Raj - the popular author

An interview with Shilpa Raj, the author of a bestselling memoir - The Elephant Chaser's Daughter. Shilpa has been instrumental in raising the voice of downtrodden through her book and other mediums as well. You will like her thoughts as an individual and also as a bestselling author. DO read the interview below! 
Question 1. How would you like to describe your journey so far, Shilpa? You started with short stories and a diary and finally, you are here with a great book! How has this experience been?

Despite Stolen Dreams - book review

Despite Stolen Dreams is a novel written by famous Indian author Anita Krishan. In this novel, she has made it amply clear that if hatred and violence are one truth in the world, love and peace are another one and rather better than the previous ones. Hers is the story of Wali Khan and his desire to keep the journey of life continued. She has also expressed views like this in many of the author interviews she has done. Wali does not get down on his knees in front of terrorism and he escapes from the bloodshed and violence to save himself and his family and to work towards a better future for them. For a larger part, he succeeds. However, the novelist has wonderfully brought back the force of fear in the novel and she has made it very interesting a read!

5 Unusual Novels that you MUST read!

Have you ever read something which blows your mind away? Yes, we all have our moments like this when we are watching some mindblowing movies but have you ever heard of the books which actually have the same effects on your mind? And for a matter of information, the movies like Shutter Island and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas are also based on the books. So, today we will talk about the five books which, I am sure, will blow your mind! Here you go with the list:

Reasons you should read classics in fiction

Though there are many reasons which could persuade you to read the books you want or even don’t want, have you ever thought why should you be reading classics? Classics in fiction are often called the novels which have been produced by the authors of the Victorian era and also the same time by the authors who did not belong to England, for that, take the Russian legends like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Does reading the classics offer some special things or a different kind of experience that reading the contemporary novels cannot offer? You must be thinking why do people prefer classic instead of the regular fiction which is being offloaded in the market on a daily basis. There are few reasons and today, we will be telling you some of those so that you might be interested in reading some of the classic titles as well.

Anita Krishan - author in a different league

Anita Krishan, since the dawn of her writing career, has been producing meaningful, serious and artful literary fictions which do not only convey the messages very beautifully but also remain fresh in the minds of the readers years after the read. Out of the two ways that she had when she began writing, Anita has chosen the path of literary fiction and decided to go the way not many fiction writers from India have gone. Anita’s works are for the readers with every predicament – for serious readers as well as the casual fiction readers who just read for the entertainment and that’s the reason she is a popular fiction writer today – among the youths as well as among the perpetual readers who have been admiring the authors like Raja Rao and R K Narayan.

Literature News? go to!

Are you tracking literature today? If you are a literature lover and love reading the latest news on literature around the world and in India, you got to check this website daily - Literature News. Literature news is the only place on the web, at least in India, which is a dedicated platform for the news, opinions, award-updates, event-updates and everything about literature. The news comes from different countries and they don't just populate their website with virtually anything. Only the best of the news and the most important of the opinions will be there and you will certainly like reading those on Literature News platform. 
Started in July 2017, the platform has attracted many readers from different countries. It offers different categories in the news - opinions, flash news, updates, book reviews, author interviews, campus literature, academic news and many other things. Every morning, you need to check the website for the most important literary updates of the past day. Oth…