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India Book Club gets a major update - the website has been updated to meet the depth of discussions and it has been totally rejuvenated. Now you can participate in the discussions and also track the participants' opinion in a rather wonderful and visible way. The users are joining in and they are sharing their opinions in various sections dedicated to various issues related to book and literature around the world.

KP: The Autobiography - Book Review

If you know cricket and follow it passionately then you would know that English payers were known for their copybook style of shots. There are several stars who hold a conventional style of playing and have been very popular in England and the world. However, there was one who was not a born Englishman but England adopted him as her Son and then almost disowned him as well. This one player came in there and took the charge of destroying opponents and completely changed the playing style of English batsman. His name is Kevin Pietersen who played for not so long period but definitely changed the perception about batting in England. He was the leader from his core. He never settled with anything lesser and always went on higher with the passage of time. He has written his autobiography and today and I am letting you know what he has written in this. Let's talk about KP: The Autobiography by Kevin Pietersen himself.

Ravi Dabral: an author of today writing of yesterday!

Author: Ravi Dabral 
Nationality: Indian 
Books: Greed Lust Addiction, Lalach Vasna Lat, Secrets to a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life 
Writing Style: Traditional, Simple Narrative

Born in Uttarakhand, Ravi Dabral has achieved many feats in his professional and academic life. With over 25 academic qualifications, he has also won several accolades including the recent International Man of Excellence for his contribution in the fields of education, corporate and social services. However, we are not writing this article because of his achievements in the public sector or his success as a businessman. We are writing this article because Ravi Dabral has achieved something significant as an author. His debut novel Greed Lust Addiction has brought him fame, name and a standard recognition as an author who does not follow the popular trail. 
Ravi's writing style is significantly different from contemporary authors in India. For the sake of excitement and entertainment, he did not fuse a lot of …

My Reading Updates - IamReading - January 2019

This weekend, I have been looking at my reading desk and I was delighted to find the books I have already read and the ones I have to read in the near future. I will share my reading desk with all my readers here and I hope they can find something of their interest as well. Reading is something that relaxes me as well as gives me the freedom to explore more of my mood and choice. I have finished non-fiction that was way more interesting than an ordinary novel written by an extraordinary writer (otherwise). I have also finished a few fiction books that are way better, written by ordinary writers, than books written by champions of modern fiction. So, in short, reading is uncertain and it always entertains as well as gives us time and space to ponder. Here is what I read and what I will read. 

Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxminarayanan - Review

Suraj Laxminarayanan's debut crime thriller novel Elephants in the Room has been the buzz among book lovers and reviewers in recent times. Since the launch, this novel has raised the bars of a crime thriller with its unusual setting and an unconventional conclusion that a crime thriller novel would not have otherwise. Have you read it already? This review on IamReading blog is for the readers who haven't read the novel. This review will help them understand whether the book is for them or not. Let's begin the tour of Suraj Laxminarayanan's fiction...

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia - Book Review

Lal Bhatia's debut book, the story of a part of his life in the USA, Indicting Goliath, has swept the internet already. Since its publication and launch in the mid-2018, the book has attracted many critical reviews and also many neutral readers who have concurred with Mr Bhatia's account and align with him in demanding something which is rarely delivered today - Justice! Lal Bhatia's book is the story of his struggle in bringing out the fact that an innocent was tortured and persecuted without any crime being committed and the real culprits were roaming free outside.

Reading an author interview certainly matters!

What is the best thing that the authors have? What's the best possible way to know the things you want to know about the authors? How to find out what does an author read? How to be sure what is the work-life balance mantra of your favourite author? The easiest way, we believe that you believe too, is reading author interviews. Reading interviews of authors can instantly make you aware of their likes and dislikes, choices in various walks of life and also their strength and weakness. However, make sure that you read the interviews on some reputed platforms which are serious about content and presentation.