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With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan | Special Preview

With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan is the debut novel by him which will be launched in the coming month, September 2017. Published by Story Mirror, this book is written in Hindi with an attractive title in English - With You; Without You. Behind the title, author's theory was (disclosed in a talk) that as this book is about the experiences a person has while in love - is it truly a love? is this not a love? Today, I will take you to a special preview of the book before the book goes live and you grab a copy from Amazon or some place else. This preview will help you get the insight of the book and make sure you buy a copy because believe me, this novel is just UNMISSABLE! 

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter | Review

Shilpa Raj's The Elephant Chaser's Daughter is a book to be appreciated for many reasons. I am not a big fan of the books which are devoid of the sense of imagery and track on the road of realism without being soothing with the cushion of fiction. Having said that, however, The Elephant Chaser's Daughter is another book which did not comply with my theory but it failed my theory too! The book had much to offer and it surely stands apart as many notable book critics have written in their reviews for Shilpa's debut book, a memoir. Shilpa has written this book in about 7 years and she has been linking the dots - her family, her individual life, her education, her experiences, her struggle, the darker secrets, the mean social realities and so on... the book compels you to think and the subject to be thought, believe me and other readers, are grave! 

Indian English Poetry by M K Naik

Indian English Poetry by M K Naik is one of those books which must be there on the study table of a student who is reading Indian English poetry in his graduation or post graduation syllabus. M K Naik is one of those few authors who is respected for his content and the way he writes their content in a book. And his book, Indian English Poetry (from the beginnings upto 2000) only proves this assertion! The book, academic and scholarly, isn't a typical book which documents the history of Indian English poetry. It is different and the difference makes it even more useful. 

Animal Farm: Reasons to Read George Orwell's Masterpiece

Deep down, everyone knows that reading is the best thing one can do in the leisure but we mortals tend to do things which we believe might the immortals do a lot! Cut the sarcasm and joke now! I will tell you about a book which you must read. Whether you are a kid or a wonder kid or an adult, a lady or a gentleman or anything else which breaths and reads, you must read a book called Animal Farm which has been written by George Orwell and ironically, people have made it one of the bestselling children's book in the lack of appreciation that this book deserves! Whatever - the book is hilarious (in the extreme sense) and will surely be a good pastime for the readers. Here are the qualities of the book which makes it a perfect read for all: 


I got a message on WhatsApp which was a really long one. I was curious to know the content and so I starting reading. It started with a family then had some humorous element then went on to romance and by the time I reached half the message it had converted into a horror story. Then only I realized something fishy. I scrolled down the long message and the message ended with a fooling emoji and the reader was mocked by the writer of the message that we read anything and everything sent on messaging apps. Oh!!!! What an ideal world we belong to!

We are LIVE! Are You Reading?

Yes, you got me right! I am reading!  I Am Reading is an initiative by active book critics to promote the reading practice among youths. We are here to write more and more about books and not only that but also inspire others to write and read. I Am Reading is established by the big guns in Indian Book Promotions industry and you can trust the words here. We will be writing about the books we read and get to read on regular basis and our writings will always carry weight and value too!