Animal Farm: Reasons to Read George Orwell's Masterpiece

Deep down, everyone knows that reading is the best thing one can do in the leisure but we mortals tend to do things which we believe might the immortals do a lot! Cut the sarcasm and joke now! I will tell you about a book which you must read. Whether you are a kid or a wonder kid or an adult, a lady or a gentleman or anything else which breaths and reads, you must read a book called Animal Farm which has been written by George Orwell and ironically, people have made it one of the bestselling children's book in the lack of appreciation that this book deserves! Whatever - the book is hilarious (in the extreme sense) and will surely be a good pastime for the readers. Here are the qualities of the book which makes it a perfect read for all: 

A one-day read: The novella (if you put Animal Farm in some genre bracket) is not lengthy at all! You can finish the book in a single read as it goes around 100 pages only (depending upon the edition you have got). 

The Narrative: The book has been written in a third-person narrative meaning that the author is narrating the story without being involved in the novel. It gives the readers a better understanding of the characters and a bird's eye view of the events taking place. Third person narrative is always a good read (in most of the cases). 

The theme: People have different opinions about the book. Some critics believe it to be a criticism of the then Russian Federation. Children believe it to be the literature exclusively written to please them. Academically compelled readers believe it to be something which they have to read anyhow and casual readers read it to enjoy the book without any thinkings whatsoever! I will say you to become the casual reader and just enjoy the book! 

Characters: The characters in the book are all the animals except humans who appear occasionally in the book. There are pigs, boar, horses, donkey, goat, dog and others. They do have the names that gentlemen might dream of having... they address each other with 'comrade'. 

Hilarious moments in the book: These are in PLENTY! You will start reading the book and you will have your laughing out loud moments along... the animals make 'ten commandments', they drink, they play cards, they do revolutions and they also do the backstabbing conspiracies! 

So, why not read this odd-looking amazing book Animal Farm and give yourself some moments of relaxed pleasure. You might draw your own conclusions of the book at the end but for that, you need to begin the book! Happy Reading guys! 

Review by: Amit
Posted by RM


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