I got a message on WhatsApp which was a really long one. I was curious to know the content and so I starting reading. It started with a family then had some humorous element then went on to romance and by the time I reached half the message it had converted into a horror story. Then only I realized something fishy. I scrolled down the long message and the message ended with a fooling emoji and the reader was mocked by the writer of the message that we read anything and everything sent on messaging apps. Oh!!!! What an ideal world we belong to!

But it's sad to say that this is the truth of our age. Living in an internet crazy world we are confined to reading what is posted on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. All the messages and all the post, some fake, some true but we read them through. This is the kind of reading which keeps us glued to our smartphones whole day long.

I don't blame the readers but when I read the so called best sellers of this decade I feel a gap in their writing. A gap that is clearly visible in their writing. A gap that comes out as an indication of their lack of reading habits. Just as musicians train themselves looking up to their teachers and learn under their guidance and novice painters learn the nuances of art by their masters, the writers also learn how to craft a worthy literature by reading the works of the famous writers of the literary world. Not only for the purpose of writing a book, reading is vital for our mental health too. Reading does to our brain what exercise does to our body. It has multiple effects on the working of our brain.


Men with strong character evolve out of reading habits. We all are aware of CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI who turned out to be a brave soldier as his mother used to read out to him the stories of valour when he was in her womb. Emphasis on reading to the baby in the womb is laid in all the religions of the world. So our holy scriptures too emphasize the effect of reading on forming the character of our youth.


Believe it or not, our mind works better when involved in reading. Reading a particular story involves concentration. Our memory enhances as we record the series of events in our mind and the characters. Specifically, in case of murder mysteries, our analytical and thinking skills are developed.
During our phases of solitude reading, good books reduce mental stress. It relaxes our mind as we read a soothing, peaceful tale of love. Spiritual texts improve our mood disorders and relieve us from the most prevalent health disorders of this age. They reduce blood pressure levels and raise our spirits up.

Not to forget the vital scoop that the more we read, the more we gain. Vocabulary expansion and keeping us updated in all the fields of life and giving us the opportunity of emerging as a winner is just a bonus. In dire circumstances when we stand at a loss of job, money, health, knowledge is our only saviour. Well, it's a crying shame that our youth is still confined to reading fake print media and sham literature. We need to move ahead and we need to tell them the difference between reading A and reading B. Always remember what Bacon said: 

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention. ~ Francis Bacon 

Article by Nidhi Sharma


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