We are LIVE! Are You Reading?

Yes, you got me right! I am reading! 

I Am Reading is an initiative by active book critics to promote the reading practice among youths. We are here to write more and more about books and not only that but also inspire others to write and read. I Am Reading is established by the big guns in Indian Book Promotions industry and you can trust the words here. We will be writing about the books we read and get to read on regular basis and our writings will always carry weight and value too! 

It has been observed that youths have changed in the terms of their reading habits. Either they read a lot of literature (which, unfortunately, isn't that good) or they don't read standard literature at all. So, how can that be done right? How can we get them to take the path which leads towards a better literary world or stop them from taking the path otherwise? There are the questions which need to be answered and there are the people who are afraid of answering those and we are not just the next door guys sitting in the pub and taking alcohol and all is right with the world! We are here to take the share from the bucket of 'intellectual responsibility' that we all have on our backs. 

What shall one find here? 

Said the team at I Am Reading: 
A reader who comes to visit our website will get to read book previews, book reviews, author interviews, insight into an author's writing and general advice on reading. 

So, we will be writing a lot because we keep reading a lot! You will always have something new to read here whenever you visit our website - be it the cool Monday morning with Monday blues to beat or a Saturday evening with the mental satisfaction that tomorrow is finally the Sunday awaited for six long days! 

Guys, I Am Reading is a serious drop in the ocean and we don't want to make it any otherwise. Keep visiting the website on regular intervals and you can also support us by sharing our posts on your social profiles and following and liking our social handles! Let's keep indulged in the literary discourse and exchanges. I AM READING, are you? 

(This post is the result of a consensus that we arrived after a long series of dialogues on what should be our first post on the website.)

Posted by Rajnish Mourya (blog manager)


  1. Great start guys! Keep the spirit going!

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