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Bleeding Queens by Palak Kundra | Book Review

Palak Kundra's Bleeding Queens is a novel which she has written in a rather different way with a rather different kind of heroine named Diljit who does a rather different thing after being mentally and emotionally and physically humiliated by the goons and perverts who rape her, kill her father and thrash her mother. Diljit is courageous and bold; she is decisive and fearless; she is aspiring and tender. Diljit's story in Bleeding Queens could surely be inspiring for all those rape victims out there who put up with their life and let themselves rest in the darker corners of their homes. 

An Apology for Shakespeare | S A Joseph | Review

An Apology for Shakespeare is a collection of poems by well-known Kerala poet S A Joseph. His book and poetry have been appreciated by well-known book critics and readers. Very enjoyable, the poems are all thought-evoking and always a two-way communication is going on between the poet and the readers. This communication keeps the reading process alive and the readers can easily witness that each new poem in the book talks something new while keeping the central idea of the book An Apology for Shakespeare always alive - defence of poetry and warning against the increasing mechanism and dependency on external sources rather than trusting one's own abilities.