An Apology for Shakespeare | S A Joseph | Review

An Apology for Shakespeare is a collection of poems by well-known Kerala poet S A Joseph. His book and poetry have been appreciated by well-known book critics and readers. Very enjoyable, the poems are all thought-evoking and always a two-way communication is going on between the poet and the readers. This communication keeps the reading process alive and the readers can easily witness that each new poem in the book talks something new while keeping the central idea of the book An Apology for Shakespeare always alive - defence of poetry and warning against the increasing mechanism and dependency on external sources rather than trusting one's own abilities. 

S A Joseph is a poet at heart and his heart is perturbed when he realises that the art of poetry (or at least the genuine poetry) is no more seen in its highest fervour. Not only the loss of poetry is the part which the poet is lamenting, he is also lamenting the eventual loss of mankind and the inclination towards the darkness and Lucifer. The poet also does not back off from confronting God with his powerful and direct verse and questions Him for his actions and deeds which forced mankind to go towards the path which was not supposed to be chosen! 

And not only that, cleverly, the poet warns the readers against Lucifer's deceit for he is indeed cunning. S A Joseph writer, chapter 18, An Apology for Shakespeare: 

"Where Lucifer is the eternal providence: 
Alas! He provides, he provides to the Mankind
Whatever they desire in their minds:"

These lines show not only the maturity of the poet but also the vision of the poet which sees forwards as well as backwards. If we take the earth as a purgatory where we all have to cross the paths to the great afterlife, it is our obligation and duty to choose the path of righteousness and well-being; however, for gains and for materialistic pleasures, we sadly chose the path which Lucifer wanted and we were 'sinned' once more as well as we sinned once more! 

An Apology for Shakespeare is a wonderful collection of poems which will surely delight as well as give the moments of serious pondering to the serious and casual readers of poetry. This is a book which you MUST read if you want to understand which way the modern English poetry in India is moving. You can get your copy from Amazon right now and it will cost you just Rs 150! If you are a prime member, you can get free delivery as well! Enjoy reading - click the link below and get the book from Amazon right now. 

by an IMR contributor 


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