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With You; Without You - Book Review

Prabhat Ranjan’s entry in the world of Hindi Literature has been superb and smooth going so far because it is his novel which has secured him the place which almost any author on the debut would eye for! With You; Without You is the novel which has made a home in the heart of every reader who has read the novel so far and their feedback about the writing of Prabhat Ranjan is just so well-worded and appreciative that you cannot ignore this book and then, finally, we have decided to review the Hindi novel by Prabhat!  So, here is the IamReading team’s review of this novel! 

Author Ashish Dalal - Hindi Literature Springing!

Ashish Dalal, an author from Gujarat, will be making his formal debut in the Indian Hindi Literature with the book Uske Hisse Ka Pyar which is a short story collection by the author. Before this book, Ashish was contributing frequently to the Hindi newspapers and magazines. Ashish Dalal's book will be available for pre-orders on Amazon from 15th of November 2017 and readers can buy his debut short stories collection before the book is formally launched later. We have thought it best in the interest of our regular readers to tell them more about the author because he deserves this light. Ashish is not a usual writer writing Hindi short stories because he thinks different and you can understand this by visiting his official website -  

Kazuo Ishiguro: Do you know the Nobel Prize Winner?

With Kazuo Ishiguro winning the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature in 2017, a new question has hit the literary world. How many of us have read him before this? Or, if I am more precise, how many of us, in fact, knew him before this prize? The answer, I must expect, should be 20% for yes and 80% for no. Or maybe, 70% for no and 10% for who cares! Well, today, I will serve those who did not know Kazuo Ishiguro. I would tell something about him to brush your mind and also mention a few of his published books so that, if you want, you can buy those. 

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter - Successful Debut!

The debut book author Shilpa Raj from Bangalore, The Elephant Chaser's Daughter has been very successful in spreading the message which was intended by the author. Shilpa Raj, the girl who featured as one of the lead characters in the Netflix Series Daughter of Destiny, belongs to a poor family which belongs to the 'lower section' of Indian society according to the old system of social justification which is nothing but a farce in this modern age. Her book The Elephant Chaser's Daughter was launched formally on 28th of July and since then, it has been in the buzz-centre. The book has been read and praised by many readers and book critics across the nation as well as abroad too, after the launch in the USA and other countries. The success that Shilpa's book has achieved shows that readers are interested not only in reading fiction but also the real life-stories which tell them the reality of the day.  Written in the form of a memoir, this book is a chroni

5 Books with Weird Titles | IamReading Special

Most of us are readers in this or that way and almost everyday. We have to read our academic books; we have to read the fiction or non-fiction by our famous authors; we might well have to read our own books (if we become authors someday). So, reading is something which will always be there in our lives. Today, we are offering you the list of the books which you might not have known existed. Yes, the titles of these books are so confusing and different that these books will surely surprise you! So, here we go! 

Ghostbusters and Other Stories by Debadatta Satpathy | Review

Ghostbusters and Other Stories is a collection of 10 short stories and is authored by an Odiya author Debadatta Satpathy. Debadatta has already written one short story collection earlier which was titled House of Bougainvillea and Other Stories. This time, his short stories came with an entirely fresh ideas and simplicity flows through them till the end. Right from the beginning, The Ghostbusters, to the end, The Solitary Passenger, the stories are always genuine, simple and very common for the readers to connect and associate with the characters as well as the events. These short stories will not only entertain the readers but also let them dive into nostalgia and recount those spent moments of childhood and youth.