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Most of us are readers in this or that way and almost everyday. We have to read our academic books; we have to read the fiction or non-fiction by our famous authors; we might well have to read our own books (if we become authors someday). So, reading is something which will always be there in our lives. Today, we are offering you the list of the books which you might not have known existed. Yes, the titles of these books are so confusing and different that these books will surely surprise you! So, here we go! 

How to Read a Book: The art of getting a liberal education
Did you know this title? Did you ever know that actually a book exists which tells us how to read a book? Well, there is! This book is written by Mortimer J. Adler and was published in 1940. In this book, the author tells us about different aspects of reading also encourages us to adapt to the good reading habits and become a better reader. 

How to Read a Page
Well, if there is someone who can tell you how to read a book, there is also someone who would tell how to read a page! Yes, this book titled How to Read a Page was written by I A Richards in 1943. Those who are into the practice of literary criticism will know that what I A Richards mean to the art of serious reading. In this book, he tells the readers the ways of improving their art of reading and evolving as better readers. 

The Art of Being a Boss 
This one is a classic! Published first in 1978, this book is written by Robert J. Schoenberg. To make this book happen, Schoenberg interviewed the CEOs and directors of the various companies, small-time enterprises to big fishes in the market. He describes on the basis of those interviews what should be the qualities that a leader must have in order to become a genuine boss and rule the corporate world well! 

Teach your wife to be a widow
Surprisingly! But yes, the book exists! Originally published in 1953 and written by lesser-known author Donald Rogers, the book explains why and how a husband should let his wife know all about the insurances, tax information, property details etc before he passes away and leaves his wife in a mess of things to manage and understand. Well, the book might be written with a good intention, there are always the readers who might be offended by the very title - who does not want to spend the maximum time with his wife on this earth? 

An Apology for Shakespeare
Well, there are the authors who would do this. However, the one question that you can ask - why would someone need to apologise for Shakespeare? He was a genius! Well, he surely was and the author, S A Joseph, in this case, is not apologizing for Shakespeare or on behalf of him. This is a book of poems originally published in 2014 and the poet here mourns for the lost art of poetry and the confused modern world which does not know the value of it. Shakespeare is used metaphorically for poetry. 

So, this sums up our list of 5 weird books with odd titles! We hope you liked the story. Please share it with your friends and keep coming back for more good stuff on literature, book, and authors. I am reading is always on! 

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