Ghostbusters and Other Stories by Debadatta Satpathy | Review

Ghostbusters and Other Stories is a collection of 10 short stories and is authored by an Odiya author Debadatta Satpathy. Debadatta has already written one short story collection earlier which was titled House of Bougainvillea and Other Stories. This time, his short stories came with an entirely fresh ideas and simplicity flows through them till the end. Right from the beginning, The Ghostbusters, to the end, The Solitary Passenger, the stories are always genuine, simple and very common for the readers to connect and associate with the characters as well as the events. These short stories will not only entertain the readers but also let them dive into nostalgia and recount those spent moments of childhood and youth. 

Debadatta Satpathy is an author who believes that short stories are just the reflection of our lives and are never conclusive and always exhibit that uncertain dimension which keeps us intrigued. Ghostbusters and Other Stories is a book which walks the same theory. The very first story Ghostbusters is an account of a childish adventure which will surely take all the readers back to their childhood. The author, the characters and even the readers don't know what happened in the story's main event but they all participate to that 'uncertain' dimension in the story and make it worth reading and enjoyable. 

Moving ahead, we come across another story titled Hello Sanskrit. We meet a guy who is not good at the subject but he has the challenge to beat the supposedly best student in Sanskrit and at last, what happens, we don't know and neither does the narrator of the story. Like the previous one, this story also seems enjoyable as well as communicating. 

In the case of Debadatta Satpathy, he makes his stories as simple and as common as possible. Creating the simplistic effect with no fancy and all humane actually make his short stories pleasant and appealing. The readers try to connect themselves to the stories and feel with the characters as well as enjoy the narrative at the same time. 

One more story I would like to discuss before I conclude my review is The Stalin House. This is a story which portrays a spur and an uncalled for motivation which turns the sister of the narrator into a staunch communist. The narration is simple yet effective and it creates a kind of conundrum - what is right and what is wrong, do we ever know? 

To cut short, the book is so simple and enjoyable that you can finish it in just a day! The short stories are indeed short and entertaining as well as enlightening. Debadatta has done everything he could do to make Ghostbusters and Other Stories a remarkable book and he has succeeded to a great length. You can buy the book from Amazon right now by clicking the link below and enjoy reading this wonderful short stories. All the best! 

by an IMR contributor 


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