With You; Without You - Book Review

Prabhat Ranjan’s entry in the world of Hindi Literature has been superb and smooth going so far because it is his novel which has secured him the place which almost any author on the debut would eye for! With You; Without You is the novel which has made a home in the heart of every reader who has read the novel so far and their feedback about the writing of Prabhat Ranjan is just so well-worded and appreciative that you cannot ignore this book and then, finally, we have decided to review the Hindi novel by Prabhat!  So, here is the IamReading team’s review of this novel! 

The Plot:

There is no more that you can complain about the plot because it is the necessary boiling pot which keeps the novel moving. With You; Without You revolves around three major characters in the novel Rami, Aditya and Nishind. It keeps around them and then minor characters are also there who keep coming and fading away with the development of the plot. It’s about (also) a kind of purgatory for Nishind who believes that he has committed a sin and he has to repent of the same. Love triangle and confusion between Rami, Nishind and Aditya is the major feature of the plot of the novel by Prabhat Ranjan. 

The Narrative: 

The novel has been written in a first-person account and the author sides with his favourite character by all means – Nishind. Nishind is narrating the events in the novel and we get to know different perspectives on love and friendship. We also get to know about the author’s views on various aspects of love, limits and freedoms of friendship, views on feminism and the modern pursuit of life and many other things. Written in Hindi, no doubt, you will never, however, find any use of the words which might let the decorum of the language fall! There are modern talks in the novel and it talks about love, sex, physical intimacy, and various other aspects of life which often were invisible in the Hindi literature of the past. Nevertheless, the narrative and the art of storytelling is sure on a high! 

The Verdict: 

To conclude the review of With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan, we have to say that the novel has things in plenty but it lacks that sojourn which could hold the readers in the early youth. On some occasions, the author takes a moral high ground and announces his verdicts on the modern lifestyle and ways of living; and it might baffle the readers who wish to read the love story and get the hold on it. Otherwise, this novel surpasses the expectations of the readers who think that a debut novel often offers lesser than expected! Prabhat Ranjan, on his very debut, has wonderfully decorated the fiction with the life experiences that he has accumulated over time. With You; Without You will be a happy read for you and you will remember this forever because the characters are versatile and the narrative is so amazing! A perfect 3-day company for young readers who want to understand love and friendship in a fictional way along with the entertainment that the novel provides with all the twists and turns and the thriller! 

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