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Are you tracking literature today? If you are a literature lover and love reading the latest news on literature around the world and in India, you got to check this website daily - Literature News. Literature news is the only place on the web, at least in India, which is a dedicated platform for the news, opinions, award-updates, event-updates and everything about literature. The news comes from different countries and they don't just populate their website with virtually anything. Only the best of the news and the most important of the opinions will be there and you will certainly like reading those on Literature News platform. 

Started in July 2017, the platform has attracted many readers from different countries. It offers different categories in the news - opinions, flash news, updates, book reviews, author interviews, campus literature, academic news and many other things. Every morning, you need to check the website for the most important literary updates of the past day. Other than that, you can also check whether there is any major literary event going on or taking shape to be held in near future. You can also see whether there has been any remarkable comment made by any important person across the world which reflects a bit of literature. You need to check it every morning and then relax all the day or you can keep coming back in the evenings as well. 

With every news, you will surely see an opinion of the newsmaker lingering because their journalism is not about sitting back and offering you the 'facts'. It is certainly a literary journalism 2.0 where you will see opinions framing with every bit of news offered. Also, their book reviews are not only the reviews but rather a big call whether the book being reviewed is making any contribution to the literature of the concerned language or not. On Literature News, the author interviews are also insightful and exciting as well. You can check them out when they appear on the platform. 

Let's see how far does literary enthusiasm of the guys behind literature news take them. We can only hope for the best there because they are unique as of now. 


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