5 Unusual Novels that you MUST read!

Have you ever read something which blows your mind away? Yes, we all have our moments like this when we are watching some mindblowing movies but have you ever heard of the books which actually have the same effects on your mind? And for a matter of information, the movies like Shutter Island and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas are also based on the books. So, today we will talk about the five books which, I am sure, will blow your mind! Here you go with the list: 

Shutter Island: Yes, you must have seen the movie but the folks who haven't seen the movie still have the treat in form of this highly imaginative and unusual novel written by Dennis Lehane in 2003. Yes, before the movie was based on the novel, the novel wasn't that popular. Once you start reading this novel, you are transported to a no-man's land and you feel like being trapped in the text wildly. Once you finish the beautifully written novel, you feel like betrayed because you don't even know what you have just read actually! A highly unusual piece of writing. Get this novel from the Amazon link below: 

Life a User's Manual: A overly popular novel originally written in French and then translated into English for its first English publication in the year 1987, this Georges Perec's novel will certainly offer you something you have never heard or seen of! This is a novel which enlists World Wars and the life around it trapped in a different kind of puzzles which somehow drag the life of the unusual protagonist named Bartlebooth. This will keep you occupied and will surprise you as it ends. Get your copy from Amazon now: 

How It is: How many of you are the huge fans of Samuel Beckett? Those who have read or watched his play Waiting for Godot being enacted must be aware of what a talisman Beckett can offer to his readers. How It Is is his novel which was written originally in French and published in English in the year 1964 for the first of time after the initial French publication in 1961. This novel is a rumble jumble of monologue in plain words in which the narrator narrates how he has been wrestling with mud endlessly. The novel is in three parts and each of them will take your mind away for a wonderful ride because the author has even forgotten to add any punctuation marks in his text! Get Beckett's novel now: 

To The Lighthouse: Who isn't afraid of Virginia Woolf? If the answer is no from your side as well, To The Lighthouse is a perfect novel for your mind. With an hour passing in a bulk of pages and 10 years or so passing in just one or two, the novel will flirt with your senses and the ending will not at all agree with your heart. The deaths, the life, the wounds, the achievements - can you please decode some for me? Virginia's novel is no lesser than a challenge - an elephant without a tail in the room! Must read! Get your piece of this weird fiction now: 

Tristram Shandy: Well, the title itself is vast and weird - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and it certainly offers a read of a lifetime! You will not only read but you feel the sorrows, happiness, deaths and events in the novel by novelist Laurence Sterne who was more learned and sophisticated in his use and abuse of language than any other contemporary prose writers of his age and time. If you have patience enough and time, you must read this wonderful and weird piece of novel by this gentleman. Get your copy now: 

by Rajnish for IMR 


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