Despite Stolen Dreams - book review

Despite Stolen Dreams is a novel written by famous Indian author Anita Krishan. In this novel, she has made it amply clear that if hatred and violence are one truth in the world, love and peace are another one and rather better than the previous ones. Hers is the story of Wali Khan and his desire to keep the journey of life continued. She has also expressed views like this in many of the author interviews she has done. Wali does not get down on his knees in front of terrorism and he escapes from the bloodshed and violence to save himself and his family and to work towards a better future for them. For a larger part, he succeeds. However, the novelist has wonderfully brought back the force of fear in the novel and she has made it very interesting a read!  

A major part of the novel is spent in justifying the title by Anita Krishan – Despite Stolen Dreams. The characters in the novel are mostly round and they change according to the situation (except for one, Hashim, the butcher and cold-blooded terrorist). Wali escapes from the clutches of terrorists with his family and finds his respite in Delhi and it takes him sometime in adjusting here. However, with time and with new friends in his life, especially the Sardar – Kashmira Singh, he is at ease in this new place. His family also manages to make peace with this new world and Meher, the daughter of Wali, gets selected for AIIMS and she becomes a doctor. Her marriage and Wali’s adventures of happiness with Kashmira are the sources of joy for him. 

This part of the novel is extremely pleasing to read with many metaphorical allusions that every reader can easily find out in the text. A mini-India can be seen peeping from the text – people living happily with harmony and mutual understanding. They are co-operative and friendly. Can this not be the ultimate reality? No, the world is a little confused in the modern days and in the novel also, Anita Krishan presents the dilemmas of the modern world wonderfully. 

There is certainly a terrorist who changes and changes for good only because he falls in love genuinely and by this instance, the author clearly tries to portray that love is powerful! And of course, more powerful than the force of terrorism! 

Despite Stolen Dreams is a novel which you will surely like reading. It has been very pleasant for me and the depth of emotions are always wonderful to read. Anita’s understanding of the terrorism in the Kashmir valley is surely well-researched and perhaps experienced as well. You will seldom find any loophole in this work of fiction by her. And the language is also rich and decorated. You will be delighted reading the lines which describe either beauty or ugliness of the world. 

Get your copies now and start reading this novel right away! You can read this thoroughly or in pieces – as you please. The Amazon link to the book is given below: 

Review by Krishna 


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