Reasons you should read classics in fiction

Though there are many reasons which could persuade you to read the books you want or even don’t want, have you ever thought why should you be reading classics? Classics in fiction are often called the novels which have been produced by the authors of the Victorian era and also the same time by the authors who did not belong to England, for that, take the Russian legends like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Does reading the classics offer some special things or a different kind of experience that reading the contemporary novels cannot offer? You must be thinking why do people prefer classic instead of the regular fiction which is being offloaded in the market on a daily basis. There are few reasons and today, we will be telling you some of those so that you might be interested in reading some of the classic titles as well. 

The fictional horizon: in today’s novels, there is nothing which is new. You will see the story has become too predictable and that people are only writing which has already been written and newness is certainly missing from their works. Love story, love story in this form, love story in that form, love story in various forms without substance and reason and that’s all! In the golden days of novel writing, we used to have the stories which did not only offer newness but they connected to the readers rather better than today. War and Peace is said to be a classic not because it is a voluminous novel but only because it has many things on display – the story, the commonness of the characters, the genuine feelings and many other things. Today, you will see things happening as if they are so common to happen but the actuality is something entirely different! 

The language: how many of new novels you have read recently? Are you satisfied with the language that is being used by the authors for such fiction works? How many of lines are there which make you say wow just as you used to say when you read the novels of Hardy or Dickens or the Brontes? You will seldom or rarely or never find the language so fittingly used as it was being used by the authors in those days. Yes, there are the authors who do have a mastery over their diction but that is only rare to be found. 

The poetic justice: should not have Jude married Sue? But it was the wit of Hardy which left the novel seemingly unfinished and the readers still think about their poor fortune! Today, just to make things happy so that it can be served as a romantic movie to the bemused audience, there is too much of pressure on creating ‘right’ plot and that ruins the fiction, mostly! In those days, the concept of poetic justice was very different and just as well. Even the works like Wuthering Heights have also portrayed that wonderfully. 

Characters: Who does not love Sissy Jupe? Who does not hate Bounderby? Who does not like Bathsheba? Who does not want to have the romance like Austen’s characters had? And how many are the modern characters with whom you can feel comfortable? There lies a difference in the level and heights of the characters as well which has changed the equation in modern fiction. Rarely are the associable characters designed today because the levels of fiction have certainly fallen downwards. 

We hope we have had a good job unravelling the classic and the modern fiction for you. If you also want, you can start reading some of the modern fiction which are really good and to read classics, you are always welcome! Here are some of them handpicked for you: 


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