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Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi - book review

Book - Exam Warriors  Author - Narendra Modi  Published by - Penguin  Year - 2018  Review - 5/5 stars  Isn't this the first time a PM is directly engaging with the students of the country? Maybe not! Maybe yes as well! Literature has no dimensions and PM Modi has proved it yet again with his book - Exam Warriors. This is a self-help book which teaches children, or rather advises them how to cope with the days during the exams which often become loaded with stress and anxiety and a little nervousness. Exam Warriors, just a day after the launch, became all India number 1 bestseller on Amazon and still continues to be so! It has to be impressive, no? 

An Interview with Shilpa Raj - the popular author

An interview with Shilpa Raj, the author of a bestselling memoir - The Elephant Chaser's Daughter. Shilpa has been instrumental in raising the voice of downtrodden through her book and other mediums as well. You will like her thoughts as an individual and also as a bestselling author. DO read the interview below!  Question 1. How would you like to describe your journey so far, Shilpa? You started with short stories and a diary and finally, you are here with a great book! How has this experience been?