Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi - book review

Book - Exam Warriors 
Author - Narendra Modi 
Published by - Penguin 
Year - 2018 
Review - 5/5 stars 

Isn't this the first time a PM is directly engaging with the students of the country? Maybe not! Maybe yes as well! Literature has no dimensions and PM Modi has proved it yet again with his book - Exam Warriors. This is a self-help book which teaches children, or rather advises them how to cope with the days during the exams which often become loaded with stress and anxiety and a little nervousness. Exam Warriors, just a day after the launch, became all India number 1 bestseller on Amazon and still continues to be so! It has to be impressive, no? 

The book has more than 200 pages (208, to sound correct) and the pages are filled with visuals (mostly) which will make the book look rather friendly than a typical motivational black and white combination of text and pages. This book, if not revolutionary, is certainly a very useful handbook which will help the students understand the basics of their approach towards the examinations which are, undoubtedly, the part and parcel of the student life. 

The price of the book has been kept very tricky and it is well within the pockets of common students. It will cost only 100 Rs on odd days and just 50-60 Rs on the days like these days when sellers are offering the book on discount. So, the book has been designed to serve the interests of the school kids as well as college graduate students or anyone who is going to face examination for various purposes. 

Exam Warriors is the first book of its kind and seriousness but the content has been coupled wonderfully with the cartoons and pictures and you will like the lighter atmosphere that has been created. Learning is a process which becomes very easy when the atmosphere is correct and not so tense and this is what the book offers. If you haven't yet bought and read the book, here is your chance of getting the book at a price much lower than usual. Gift your children a very good companion for next few days - buy Exam Warriors now: 

The book has been rated very well by the platforms like Literature News and Indian Book Critics


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