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Reading an author interview certainly matters!

What is the best thing that the authors have? What's the best possible way to know the things you want to know about the authors? How to find out what does an author read? How to be sure what is the work-life balance mantra of your favourite author? The easiest way, we believe that you believe too, is reading author interviews. Reading interviews of authors can instantly make you aware of their likes and dislikes, choices in various walks of life and also their strength and weakness. However, make sure that you read the interviews on some reputed platforms which are serious about content and presentation. 

Get free paperback books in India!

Is there any possible way to get free paperback copies of the recently released or the popular books? Giveaways are rather popular in the countries of Europe and the USA because there is a dedicated class of readers and authors who mostly want to communicate with them. In India, however, getting free copies of books can be a tough task - you can get free Bibles and Korans, most of the time. If you look for getting a free book that you can enjoy reading, you might lose the bid, often. So, is there any way to get free paperback copies or print copies of books in India ? 

Little Maryam by Hamid Baig - book review

"I love you so much, Maryam. I just needed to tell you, to let you know how much you mean to me." Saadiq said.  Maryam looked up shyly at him. "I love you too, Saadiq."  His heart swelled both with joy and a strange, peaceful calm.

American Maharajah - book review

American Maharajah is a novel written by the US-based author Mark Stephen Levy. As you can clearly comprehend from the very title, the book is surely a blend of the east and the west, not in the terms which we could say, is philosophical. However, the connection between India and the USA has been weaved very wonderfully and appropriately in the terms of fiction that it keeps the readers attached to the story. Mark has written this novel to portray the life of a man, named Ravi Shankar, who has been raised in the USA and he thinks (as he has been told) that he was born in the USA as well. However, the roots of the secret are deeper in the land which spreads out to a village in the deserts of Rajasthan - Bharthambhor.