Reading an author interview certainly matters!

What is the best thing that the authors have? What's the best possible way to know the things you want to know about the authors? How to find out what does an author read? How to be sure what is the work-life balance mantra of your favourite author? The easiest way, we believe that you believe too, is reading author interviews. Reading interviews of authors can instantly make you aware of their likes and dislikes, choices in various walks of life and also their strength and weakness. However, make sure that you read the interviews on some reputed platforms which are serious about content and presentation. 

Though it's not easy to find and read interviews of the authors who have passed away many years ago - or centuries ago. However, you can surely find some rare audio recordings on some archive websites if you invest a chunk of your head in the research seriously. 

Modern and contemporary authors who are writing in the present time surely love to engage with bloggers and magazines which publish quality content on their websites. You can read many interviews in the literary magazines like Ashvamegh and websites like 

Reading these interviews will also bring you closer to understanding the changing nuances of writing and publishing in India and other countries from where the authors are being interviewed. So, reading a conversation with a writer is always wonderful, fruitful and very interesting as well. I remember reading many interviews with authors like Ashwin Sanghi and Amish and I can surely say that reading those made my understanding broader in terms of decoding their writings to a close match level... 

So, what are you doing? Go and read some interviews that you find at the earliest. You will surely enjoy them! All the best guys! 

by a contributor to IMR 


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