Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxminarayanan - Review

Suraj Laxminarayanan's debut crime thriller novel Elephants in the Room has been the buzz among book lovers and reviewers in recent times. Since the launch, this novel has raised the bars of a crime thriller with its unusual setting and an unconventional conclusion that a crime thriller novel would not have otherwise. Have you read it already? This review on IamReading blog is for the readers who haven't read the novel. This review will help them understand whether the book is for them or not. Let's begin the tour of Suraj Laxminarayanan's fiction...

It all begins with a plan to do 'great' at robbery and end the misery of fragments outside and fragments in jail (of life). However, we do know that God smiles when we plan something; and the same was looming on these wannabe robbers when they planned to do something in the bank - a bank heist. As the blurb suggests it beautifully, a group of novice robbers collides with a group of seasoned dacoits who have to do something to save their lives - the game of fate! Let me tell you that this novel offers 600 pages of prolonged narrative that encapsulates so many things not only outside but also inside. Suraj has not only shown how do the days and hours pass but also how the minds of these robbers think and hearts feel. In short, the author has tried to let the readers sneak inside their bodies... that's certainly interesting! 

The minute details make it weary at times when the readers would like to see the actions happening here and there. Nonetheless, the action, too, at times become grotesque and the readers must be advised in advance that you might see blood coming out of the head after the gunshot - sometimes. So, the fiction is not full of violence and not full of psychological details as well; to say it honestly, it is certainly a balanced novel that offers things in very good proportion. 

The perception about this novel is generally very positive. Many book review websites in India and critics have suggested that the book will be an interesting read for the ideal readers of the fiction and I will hint who the ideal readers might be. 

The ideal readers for this novel will be teenagers, youths and readers of any age who love to read not so fast novels. Yes, actions take place here but they are rather slow-happening instances of human indulgence. Readers who have the patience to enjoy the fiction developing and taking shape will be very happy with this debut effort by an author in making! And I will keep my pen at silence now... all the best to those who will be reading Elephants in the Room. You can get a copy of this novel by following the Amazon (India) link below: 

review by Surendra K for IamReading Blog


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