My Reading Updates - IamReading - January 2019

This weekend, I have been looking at my reading desk and I was delighted to find the books I have already read and the ones I have to read in the near future. I will share my reading desk with all my readers here and I hope they can find something of their interest as well. Reading is something that relaxes me as well as gives me the freedom to explore more of my mood and choice. I have finished non-fiction that was way more interesting than an ordinary novel written by an extraordinary writer (otherwise). I have also finished a few fiction books that are way better, written by ordinary writers, than books written by champions of modern fiction. So, in short, reading is uncertain and it always entertains as well as gives us time and space to ponder. Here is what I read and what I will read. 

The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh - Finished - I read this book recently and it was finished with a hope that contemporary Indian fiction can always lead in a better direction if we provide enough of the impetus to it. This book uses realism in its fictionalised form and also raises a few existential crisis questions along with ecological concerns. Amitav has been very formal and standard with his narrative and he has fully utilised his Kolkata roots in terms of geolinguistic liberties. Read a detailed review - The Hungry Tide - book review 

Pratibha Ka Bikash - Will be reading this book very soon. Written by Bikash Kumar, Pratibha ka Bikash is a Hindi poetry collection. Bikash Kumar, an officer serving in Indian Foreign Services, belongs to Bihar and he was born and raised in a small town in Siwan district. Bikash's poetry promises to be young, communicating and also interesting. I am excited to read his verse in Hindi and know the reach of a mind that learns in a narrow space and expands to an infinite. 

Subject and Structure, an anthology for writers by John M Wasson - Will be reading this interesting collection of prose and poetry very soon. I am very excited to read this book after reading a detailed review on Indian Book Critics. As an aspiring critical writer myself, I am keen to work on my expression and matter while I write. I am sure this book, acclaimed and acknowledged, will help me in this direction. Read the detailed review here: Subject and Structure - book review 

Mumtaz and Taj Mahal by Pravin Anand - Read this book recently and finished it quickly because the language is very simple. As the title suggests, this book is about love, life and monumental importance of Mumtaz and Shahjahan's established love. Written in a mild way, Pravin Anand's book provides us with a relaxing description that can be read with an interesting tone rather than knowing the history with a bulldogging force. You can read a detailed review and find the links to buy this book here: Mumtaz and Taj Mahal - review 

13 Untitled and Weird Poems by Alok Mishra - Stunning! This is the only word that came out once I read the last poem in this short collection with only 13 poems. Alok Mishra has been writing for a long time now and his first official poetry collection was nothing lesser than a force which conquers the mind. Powerful and thoughtful... You can read more about this poetry collection when I review this book in the coming days. 

So, guys, this is the update from my reading desk right now and I am sure you must be reading quality titles as well. All the best! 


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