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If you know cricket and follow it passionately then you would know that English payers were known for their copybook style of shots. There are several stars who hold a conventional style of playing and have been very popular in England and the world. However, there was one who was not a born Englishman but England adopted him as her Son and then almost disowned him as well. This one player came in there and took the charge of destroying opponents and completely changed the playing style of English batsman. His name is Kevin Pietersen who played for not so long period but definitely changed the perception about batting in England. He was the leader from his core. He never settled with anything lesser and always went on higher with the passage of time. He has written his autobiography and today and I am letting you know what he has written in this. Let's talk about KP: The Autobiography by Kevin Pietersen himself. 

About the Book: 
KP is the name that every fan loves to hear. When active on the field, he took on opponents, with the bat and bowl and also with words. He was known for exchanging fire with words as well. Off-field also, his engagement with Shane Warne led to a buzz in the media. KP's batting was loved by fans across the globe. He was a class in himself. In this book, he begins with his childhood and we come to know him closely. 

He has divided his autobiography into twenty-seven chapters and tries to provide the reader with every possible detail. He explained the struggles to achieve success. It provides an absolute reading pleasure to the readers. Travelling through his words like sitting on the stadium and watching him play on his running commentary. He has shown the difficult time and good times both and summarizes them in a beautiful order. 

By reading this book from his own perspective, we come to know that he played with a mission and completed in his way. He is the quickest player to score seven thousand test runs. He is the only England player in the history to won player of the tournament award in ICC world cup. He won it in 2012 t-20 world cup where England became victorious. There is no doubt that he was famous among the fans due to his style and look as well, other than his class batting. 

He has unfolded the curtains from many secrets. Despite the whitewash of England in 2014 Ashes series, he was the highest run-getter from his country. But he was not selected for the next two tours of the team. He unfolded the mystery of it in his autobiography. He blatantly spoke on the matter of controversies that happened with and around him. The most famous one happens on the Lords he explained it also and apologises too. 

Many book critics and book review websites in India have also appreciated the writing efforts by KP. His book, though may not qualify to be a literary masterclass, is certainly one of the best sports biographies in the century. 

He has completed only 13000 thousand runs in international cricket but that's not his real achievement. He was a born fighter and he hustled his way to victory on the field. He was a quality batsman, stronger fielder and you can find him sledging most of the time - so, you can say that he was an essential unit on the field for his team. Well, his autobiography has certain limitations as well. It was also criticised for many obvious reasons but all those things aside - KP: The Autobiography is a book that cricket lovers, ordinary and seminal, will certainly love to read if they haven't read it yet. You can get a copy from Amazon by clicking the link below: 

review by Amit for IamReading  


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