Ravi Dabral: an author of today writing of yesterday!

Author: Ravi Dabral 
Nationality: Indian 
Books: Greed Lust Addiction, Lalach Vasna Lat, Secrets to a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life 
Writing Style: Traditional, Simple Narrative

author Ravi Dabral

Born in Uttarakhand, Ravi Dabral has achieved many feats in his professional and academic life. With over 25 academic qualifications, he has also won several accolades including the recent International Man of Excellence for his contribution in the fields of education, corporate and social services. However, we are not writing this article because of his achievements in the public sector or his success as a businessman. We are writing this article because Ravi Dabral has achieved something significant as an author. His debut novel Greed Lust Addiction has brought him fame, name and a standard recognition as an author who does not follow the popular trail. 

Ravi's writing style is significantly different from contemporary authors in India. For the sake of excitement and entertainment, he did not fuse a lot of violence or sensual depictions in his novel. He has rather maintained the dignity of fiction and highlighted a theme that seldom an author would like to discuss in his or her debut work. His work talks about a classic debate - whether a person needs to be solely spiritual or materialistic to lead his life successfully? Does success mean a lot of wealth accumulation? Does success mean getting a job and settling down with family? So, the novel will raise many valid questions instead of triggering the sensual emotions in the minds of the readers. 

For reasons best known to the author himself, the novel has been written with a very simple narrative and the language has been kept at a level below standard. It might be because the author might have thought to reach a wider audience or it might have been done because the author needs to mature. Nevertheless, there might be other reasons as well. 

In his first book, which was non-fiction, Secrets to a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life, Ravi Dabral has hinted out to the readers about his choice of writing and content. Because he has spent time with Yogis and Sadhus and tried to learn their secrets and ways of living, he often brings them into play in his writings. You can, as a reader, easily find the glimpses of his experiences in the works by him. 

To know more about Ravi, you can follow his official author website and also buy the books from there. Link: https://www.ravidabral.com

article by Gaurav for IamReading Book Blog 


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