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The Ticket That Exploded - Book Review

The prophetic style of writing is not an entirely new art in fiction. It has been there for centuries. However, no doubt that this art was only used masterfully by only a few of the authors who most probably all wrote in the 20th-century. One such was William Burrough and his book The Ticket That Exploded is still read with respect among the lovers of spy and thriller fiction. 

The Girl in Room 105 - Chetan Bhagat - Review

In a nutshell, you get another replica of Lord Krishna, at least in the name, and only in the name. Keshav is here the guy and Zara is here the girl. Chetan Bhagat seldom thinks anything more than boys and girls and he is entitled to think so because he is an author for the youths like us. Are we tired of him? Probably yes but certainly no!