The Ticket That Exploded - Book Review

The prophetic style of writing is not an entirely new art in fiction. It has been there for centuries. However, no doubt that this art was only used masterfully by only a few of the authors who most probably all wrote in the 20th-century. One such was William Burrough and his book The Ticket That Exploded is still read with respect among the lovers of spy and thriller fiction. 

To produce associate apocalyptic vision within the terms of a depraved film producer comedy, replete with variety show monologues on the absurd, is maybe William Burroughs' totally disconcerting action, before that, to paraphrase brain doctor, any critic should lay down his arms. Drugs, gayness, and phantasy offer the triad around that Burroughs spins his dread fantasies, the richest and most ghoulishly funny of those being his 1st major creation, The Naked Lunch. Since then we've got had 2 duds, star categorical and also the Soft Machine, each employing a frenzied methodology, a way continued  within the price ticket That Exploded. however here the linguistic contortions luckily shift regarding against a mistily recognizable narrative structure, as well as a quaint parody of a nineteenth-century adventurer's journal. Parody, of course, is Burroughs' strongest quality and/or defense: he immerses himself within the harmful consciousness, the satellite funny farm wherever doctors run wild with computers, junkies increase for the bigger glory of Id, and also the fuzz and also the solid subject play associate interchangeable game of cat and mouse. The price ticket That Exploded, then, is another anti-utopian cry against the long run of "complete management," the horror on the far side the image window, humorous artistic movement that speaks louder than reality.

I would say that the ideal readers for this novel will only be the ones who are capable of reading ancient fiction. The theme and the style and even the vision were new at the time the book was first published but since we have seen too much already, the book may mainly appeal to the readers who are literary aware and understand how the fiction from a century earlier can behave. SO, if you are ready for a change in style and your reading table's smell, you can get a copy from Amazon: 


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