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Kahaniwala by Sandeep Dobriyal - Book Review

Kahaniwala is a recent collection of short stories written in Hindi and authored by Sandeep Dobriyal, a debutant in Hindi fiction in India. This is a collection of 9 short stories and most among them revolve around a theme of love. Love of different kinds and some almost love... Sandeep's writing needs many changes in order to make his books appealing to readers across ages and across interest lines. Nonetheless, in the current form that it is, Kahaniwala is a suitable read for the readers who are above 20 and below 30 - they will understand what the author wants to convey. The exception is the story 'Mera Room' and 'Thithurte Hath' that will appeal to any reader of any age.

Getting self-published? What if someone guarantees you the lowest price?

Are you an author? Have you been rejected by traditional publishers more than many times? Are you frustrated already? Don't worry; you have many options now. There are many big publishers in the market who rather self-publish the books by emerging authors, struggling authors, and ambitious authors. However, if there are many, choosing the right one might be tough, right? The answer is yes! It's very difficult to choose the right publisher for your book when it comes to self-publishing. To make this easier for the authors in India and anyone who wants to get published in India, Self-publishing Network has been launched.