Author Ravi Dabral and his art of storytelling - opinion

Born and raised in Uttarakhand before moving to Delhi for education, Ravi Dabral has reflected the great Indian heritage in his novel, the debut one, Greed Lust Addiction published back in the early months of 2019. His novel has been received well by the readers in India and abroad. Moreover, the work balances two streams of life - luxury loaded with falsehood and a simple life decorated with truth and righteousness. Nonetheless, even if it all sounds like an author delivering sermons to the readers, it's not like that, at all! Ravi Dabral has delivered an amazing, thrilling and engaging story - crime thriller at its peak in the first half and a fading revenge plot that transforms into something broader in the second part. 

Ravi Dabral, often regarded as one of the best crime thriller novelists in India today, has delivered a masterpiece in his very debut. Book critics generally agree that Ravi Dabral's novel might sound unconventional in parts but the overall impact of the work is tremendous and it does not shy away from actively positioning itself in the frames of right and wrong. There are two clear and well-defined perspectives in the novel - the life that Suraj follows and the life that others follow. 

The storytelling capabilities of Ravi Dabral are also very well-received among general readers. Many comments and reviews on Amazon and Google and also Goodreads show that readers have enjoyed the way the story has unfolded and taken shape. It follows the art of traditional storytellers in the past - introduction, exposition and resolve. Vijay finds out about his brother's qualities through a diary and then longs to find more about him. He meets Guru Ji in the ashrams of Uttarakhand and then goes on to discover that his supposedly dead brother is alive and learning the important lessons of life from Guru Ji. 

Talking about the reviews from leading book reviewers in India, the book has received a balanced and favourable response. Ravi Dabral has impressed his readers. His selection of theme is very important and this is what makes his novel stand out among the ones written by his contemporaries. You will not find anything that is usual or in trend in his novel. You will only find things that are unique (mostly), different and unconventional but apt. All these things that come out of the pages of Greed Lust Addiction go on to prove that Mr. Dabral has a hold on writing fiction and giving it a shape that helps the readers understand complex aspects of life as well as enjoy the story. 

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article by Sundar for IamReading Book Blog 


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