Getting self-published? What if someone guarantees you the lowest price?

Are you an author? Have you been rejected by traditional publishers more than many times? Are you frustrated already? Don't worry; you have many options now. There are many big publishers in the market who rather self-publish the books by emerging authors, struggling authors, and ambitious authors. However, if there are many, choosing the right one might be tough, right? The answer is yes! It's very difficult to choose the right publisher for your book when it comes to self-publishing. To make this easier for the authors in India and anyone who wants to get published in India, Self-publishing Network has been launched. 

Self-publishing Network is a network of authors, publishers and publishing enthusiasts and many other professionals who are somehow related to the field of publishing or self-publishing - designers, layout designers, publishing consultants, editors, and many others. On this network, you will get the best deals for your publishing requirements and also for your many other services requirements such as editing and designing the cover. Moreover, on this network, you can also get expert advice from published authors and those who have seen it under their noses in the industry for much longer. 

Finding the best self-publishing company in India isn't easy anymore. And therefore, the folks behind this network have also added a tool to compare the offers from various companies offering self-publishing packages to the authors in India. You can also read timely reviews on this platform of the publishers that will make your choice making very easy. Moreover, if you don't want to invest your time in finding the best publishing deal for you, you can let these guys do the job of getting your book published in the lowest price in India which they guarantee! Isn't that just amazing for an author? That will instantly enable to focus more and more on writing and letting the self-publishing network do the job for you! 

If you find this platform interesting and useful, please register here - Self-publishing Network. Also, make your author friends aware of this platform so that they don't have to invest much of their hard-earned money in just one book. Be wise and choose the best as well as the cheapest publisher for your books to be self-published by you. You can learn from the budget guide available on this platform. I am sure you are going to love the platform that is designed for ambitious authors only! All the best folks! 


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