Kahaniwala by Sandeep Dobriyal - Book Review

Kahaniwala is a recent collection of short stories written in Hindi and authored by Sandeep Dobriyal, a debutant in Hindi fiction in India. This is a collection of 9 short stories and most among them revolve around a theme of love. Love of different kinds and some almost love... Sandeep's writing needs many changes in order to make his books appealing to readers across ages and across interest lines. Nonetheless, in the current form that it is, Kahaniwala is a suitable read for the readers who are above 20 and below 30 - they will understand what the author wants to convey. The exception is the story 'Mera Room' and 'Thithurte Hath' that will appeal to any reader of any age. 

So, Kahaniwala, probably the author has denoted himself with this name, begins with a story of one certain evening, Fitoor, Ek Shaam Ka. Two friends, hostel life, girls hostel on the way back... ah! Content is not new but the style of narration is new and that holds the interest of the readers for some time but the story ends abruptly or the author might have made it end so. The second story has a bizarre title - Kuchh Rishte Udte Hue hi Achhe Lagte Hain and even the story is bizarre. The author might have wanted to share that sometimes in our life, we just cannot control the situation and we have to lose things in both our hands - I may be wrong. The story indicates the same thing, however. It is a love story with many complications that can only be judged for oneself. So, I will leave it to the readers themselves. Read the story and decide. 

Jugnu aur Sone Ka Hiran must be an experiment that Sandeep has tried.  A typical dream writing or magical realism or even stream of consciousness at times, the story will bring smiles and emotions will arise from within in the readers. Thithurte Hath, the concluding story, brings horrible realism in play and the emotional side of the storyteller peeps from the back of a curtain that has already been coloured now with a tag of contemporary short story writer who focuses on love and relationships in the modern world... 

To conclude, I will say that Sandeep has tried his best to make his debut count and make a lasting impression on the readers. He has succeeded to an extent as well. Still, the language might not be able to catch up with some readers. It is contemporary if you see it from one angle but it might have to elevate to a certain level. On the other hand, it is the language that modern readers like to read, like to listen to in the movies and web series. So, the author is on target to be a buzz among the youths! 

Am I recommending this collection of short stories to the readers? Yes, I am! It is a two-three hour read for most of the readers Today! Get a copy from Amazon now and read it. All the best guys! 

Review by Ashutosh for IamReading Book Reviews 


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