Sense and Syllogism by Aparna Tulpule - Review

Aparna Tulpule's book, Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life, is for the readers and learners. I say learners because her book can easily be used as an academic textbook for the students who are just beginning studying logic and before and after. Written in plain language and packed with examples, lucid explanations, systematic introduction of concepts and many other qualities, the book is very useful, informative and for the common readers, interesting and fresh. I have read this book much like a common reader because I did not bother studying logic - I did not need it. Once I began reading this book, initially, it was just like a humorous dive into the ocean of meanings - believe me! : ) 

"The modest aim of this book is to entertain you as you read it. A more ambitious aim is that after finishing it, you will have acquired the habit of reading more critically and writing more precisely."

The author reveals her agenda at the end of the book. And her words could never be truer - the book does entertain. Right from the very beginning, the author has included examples and text-illustrations in a way that keeps the readers indulged, excited for more and curious. For that, in a book as serious as this, Aparna has to be commended! Moreover, Sense and Syllogism, certainly makes the early concepts of logic and facts related to it simple for common readers like me. After reading the book, I certainly have an idea of logic - how logical my idea is, I can logically infer. :) 

More on the academic road, the book has a lot to offer if, as a reader, you are ready to extract your choiced ends by reading it. Otherwise, you could simply read it, enjoy it and move ahead. Both the options are offered by the book and both the options are quite interesting. There are 14 chapters in the book and about 200 pages. Nevertheless, the page number certainly does not matter more because the nature of the book is very different compared to a novel having 200 pages. So, your reading time might depend on your interest in the book as you read it. For an acerbic reader like me, the book was interesting because it helped me get out of the convenient groove of reading dragged fiction - books of the same kind published by the usual best self-publishing companies in India. Aparna's ability to keep serious things light and humorous and at the same time, not compromising with the quality of her discourse is indeed amazing. 

So, are you interested in some lessons on logic today? Grab a copy from Amazon India and you will have a few interesting hours spread over a few days... All the best! 

review by Ashutosh for IamReading Book Blog


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