23rd June 2169: will Ztocmi be able to put Earth Resort into the orbit? Book Review

23rd June 2169: Will Ztcomi be able to put Earth Resort into the orbit? This is a novel written by Gajendra Sharma. A science fiction that has shown a glimpse of a futuristic world and the possibility of inhabitants on other planets, this novel will take the readers into a tight grip for much of the time that a reader spends with this book. The novel is written in a way that you can feel the thrill, adventure and remain curious for more as well. The author has tried to make an active connection with the readers by narrating the story in a very easy and comprehensive language. And this further widens the audience base for Gajender Sharma. 

The central character in the novel is Ztcomi, who is a leading scientist on the earth and a well-known name in the field of science and innovations on Mars and Moon as well. He is on a mission to create an artificial planet that looks and acts like our earth named 'Earth Resort' and planning to put it into the Solar System. It seems very difficult to be handled by a single person so he takes help from more than 1000 scientists to complete his mission. Two great scientists from mars and moon also join Ztcomi. Zoi is an important character also who helps Ztcomi to complete his mission. In the course of the novel, Ztocmi and Zoi develop mutual admiration and love for each other. Moreover, they have to face several issues on this mission. However, does it complete successfully? Does Ztocmi get success? What happens to Ztocmi and Zoi's companionship? Many questions find twisted answers in the novel and the conclusion further adds to the intensity of the novel. I am also sure that many leading book review websites in India will get a hold of this novel pretty soon and offer their opinions about it.  

The book has given us a hint that how the earth will look like after 100 years. How will be the life on the earth? How robots will become a household identity? How artificial intelligence will prove its supremacy?

However, the author has shown some concerns as well. Will the emergence of artificial intelligence hurt our identity? There are plenty of new and interesting innovations that will surely attract readers who are interested in reading visionary science fiction novels.

The book is really a fair deal of science and technology that has inspired many scientists to do something extraordinary. I am sure the readers will mark that in this novel by Gajender Sharma. Entertaining, informative and thrilling as well, any curious science fiction reader will surely like it. 

Book Review by Rajnish for I am Reading blog 


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