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Best book to study literary theory and literary criticism? Beginning Theory by Peter Barry!

Yes, today I am deviating from my path just a little to accommodate a very important question that many of my friends who are the students of English literature eight have in their minds. I have been through this phase as well. As soon as literary theory jumps into the scene, the otherwise easy study of literature becomes a little tough and students, who are the beginners, begin facing problems. The problems mainly occur because they don't know about any book that can help them understand literary theory from the beginning or the basics. Moreover, by mistake, if you purchase any advanced books like that by Patricia Waugh or Raman Selden, you are likely to be perplexed even more.

Wrote a book already? Time to promote it!

While writing a book has become difficult, getting it published has become more and more comfortable, accessible and even easier day by day. This is because of the rise of self-publishing companies in India. However, something that has been becoming more and more difficult is getting a book into the hands of the right audience based on the interest in particular genre or theme of the book. Why has it been so? Very simple – there are too many books in the market and there are limited readers in the country. So, a reader has many choices by default and he or she will choose a book that will have more credibility, more trust and also more reviews. Do you get the maths? And here a new bridge comes into play known as the art of book promotion .

Are you thinking of becoming a book blogger?

Blogging has always been a lucrative career choice for many young people because it can be started with very low or virtually no investment at all and there are likely the chances of high returns if you can keep up with your pace of content production and maintain the quality at the optimum level for long and perhaps, forever if you can. Therefore, many readers have written us whether they can also begin their career as book blogger. Well, the answer of this question is yes! Of course you can become a successful book blogger if you care a little about your interest in getting the most out of your interest in literary and your concern with authors and their books. Becoming a book blogger in India is very easy because the filed is still untouched of the cut-throat competition as many people are still not very much interested in getting into this career option - this field is, to be honest, unexplored and relatively new. So, the question is, how can you become a book blogger

Have you written your novel already? Time to find some book promotions

In India, or in any other country in the world, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is there to help authors fulfil their dreams and pursue their interest and passion for writing by getting their debut works self-published just like 1-2-3 and it is truly amazing. However, what else does Amazon offer? Nothing other than making you feel proud with a tase – published author. This is something that you can flaunt on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other social media platforms. However, what about selling copies of your books to your target readers? What about letting the readers enjoy your book by reaching to the last man who might be interested in reading your literature? Are you ready for this challenge? A very important part in the journey of any author is to understand, learn and implement the best strategies of book promotion after traditionally publishing or self-pulsing a work. Promotion is a task without which, today at least, you cannot even imagine a work do

Truly wonderful world of English Literature!

I have been a student of English literature all my academic years after I completed high school (Indian connotations). After the 12th examination, my love for literature attracted me to complete graduation and post graduation in English literature and I enjoyed my years sinking in the world of Shakespeare and Marlowe, Wordsworth and Keats, Austen and Woolf, Hardy and Lawrence, Narayana and Anand, Derrida and Barthes and especially T. S. Eliot. Eliot, of all these heavyweight figures in English literature, has always been my favourite and will be forever. T. S. Eliot's capabilities as poet of the chaos attracted me towards his writings, fiction and non-fiction and I enjoyed them too much. Right from reading his work The Waste Land as a student of post graduation to soak myself completely in the world of his non-fiction writings, assessing the qualities of other poets and authors in his essays or writing about the world in his general articles, I have always enjoyed T. S. Eliot as