Are you thinking of becoming a book blogger?

Blogging has always been a lucrative career choice for many young people because it can be started with very low or virtually no investment at all and there are likely the chances of high returns if you can keep up with your pace of content production and maintain the quality at the optimum level for long and perhaps, forever if you can. Therefore, many readers have written us whether they can also begin their career as book blogger. Well, the answer of this question is yes! Of course you can become a successful book blogger if you care a little about your interest in getting the most out of your interest in literary and your concern with authors and their books. Becoming a book blogger in India is very easy because the filed is still untouched of the cut-throat competition as many people are still not very much interested in getting into this career option - this field is, to be honest, unexplored and relatively new.

So, the question is, how can you become a book blogger in India?
Well, not all the book bloggers instantly become paid book bloggers. They have tp start with small and they eventually get bigger and better. So, if you begin, don't think about making money and start it as your hobby or just leisure while you have a different source of income (if you are not just a student). However, it be always better to start blogging while you are studying so that when it comes to making money, you already have a base where you can begin something bigger. You should indulge in reading as much as you can. You should develop a habit of reading books in your leisure. You should also strive to make critical reading your habit. Without the ability to critically bring out the best and the worst in a book you read, you will not have that much credibility in the work you do. Once you bring these qualities in your writing, you are good to go.

What to expect in the beginning? How to begin in the business?
In the beginning, you will have to manage things on your own. You will seldom get a sponsorship from the authors or publishers. However, if you begin with being a free book blogger, meaning that you don't charge for reading and reviewing books, there are high chances that authors and publishers will approach you with their books. This is the opportunity to seize and you should not do any further delay. Begin with a free service scheme and build a reputation for yourself in the market. Once you get to that position where you can put a token money on your services, you are at a good position to bargain.

So, is it worth to become a book blogger?
Very much! If you have a passion for books and an interest which is many levels more than a usual person's interest in literature, you are a worthy person to become a book blogger and enrich the community with your wonderful contributions. However, do remember that this is a slow starter and you might think of quitting in the very beginning itself. However, I would advise that you should be patient enough to let things unfold at the natural pace so that you can have the sweetness of the same fruit which you have thought to be bitter and sour in the beginning. Though it would take some time before you become one among the top book bloggers in India, you should keep doing what you do. Keep producing wonderful book reviews and keep producing wonderful literary content. Your content will be the key to your future success. All the best!


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