Have you written your novel already? Time to find some book promotions

In India, or in any other country in the world, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is there to help authors fulfil their dreams and pursue their interest and passion for writing by getting their debut works self-published just like 1-2-3 and it is truly amazing. However, what else does Amazon offer? Nothing other than making you feel proud with a tase – published author. This is something that you can flaunt on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other social media platforms. However, what about selling copies of your books to your target readers? What about letting the readers enjoy your book by reaching to the last man who might be interested in reading your literature? Are you ready for this challenge?

A very important part in the journey of any author is to understand, learn and implement the best strategies of book promotion after traditionally publishing or self-pulsing a work. Promotion is a task without which, today at least, you cannot even imagine a work doing better in the book market. There is a simple math behind it. Books are in very good number in the market and choices for the readers are very much. And therefore, they will only choose the titles that are largely recommended by the readers, critics and other important players in this chain - book review platforms, literary magazines and individual book critics with reputation, good web-presence and personal brand. Have you thought about these key factors before?
For example, suppose author Deepak writers a book about improving your habits and doing best in your life. He publishes it with a reputed publisher and waits to see the sales figures. However, just take it as it is – the sales will be very unsatisfactory unless Deepak indulges in book promotions. This is because there are many books in the market and there are many authors in the book industry who are already established and therefore, no one with a reading desire would like to have trust in a newcomer like Deepak unless he proves that he deserves to be trusted. And how will he do it? Book promotion and author branding companies come handy here only and in situations like these. You can hire their services to plan and execute campaigns for you that will instil in the readers a trust that even being a newcomer, you have the potential and the expertise to produce a literary masterpiece and you have done the same. Literary opinion making and influencer marketing will come into play very much. Are you ready?
I hope this article will help you understand why book marketing is important for your book if it is a debut as well as when you are a newcomer even with 3-4 books. So, you have to be known to these workarounds in the writing industry once you decide to become an author and take the journey with your heads on. Don't lag behind just because others have moved ahed of you already. Just do it and prove that you are also a man with a mission top make the readers believe in your work and read your literature. All the best!


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