Truly wonderful world of English Literature!

I have been a student of English literature all my academic years after I completed high school (Indian connotations). After the 12th examination, my love for literature attracted me to complete graduation and post graduation in English literature and I enjoyed my years sinking in the world of Shakespeare and Marlowe, Wordsworth and Keats, Austen and Woolf, Hardy and Lawrence, Narayana and Anand, Derrida and Barthes and especially T. S. Eliot. Eliot, of all these heavyweight figures in English literature, has always been my favourite and will be forever.

T. S. Eliot's capabilities as poet of the chaos attracted me towards his writings, fiction and non-fiction and I enjoyed them too much. Right from reading his work The Waste Land as a student of post graduation to soak myself completely in the world of his non-fiction writings, assessing the qualities of other poets and authors in his essays or writing about the world in his general articles, I have always enjoyed T. S. Eliot as a non-fiction literary figure. His understanding of the subjects and his immense erudition, his intellectual outlook and his powerful wit – everything about Eliot is super cool, outstanding and larger than life.

The recent revealing of his letters written to his lost love or lost muse or hidden passion has done nothing in terms of tarnishing the image of Eliot but only added to his poetic enigma. Eliot's works are truly amazing in a way that they are independent of anything in the past but also relying on the same. He writes about the things to come but not going to the extent to erase everything in the present. He was, perhaps, the first of the poets to bring Ecocritical values, the ecocriticism practitioners will agree, in his poetry when he wrote about dying Thames in The Waste Land.

This is a tribute to the wonderful poet that Eliot was and the source of joy that he remains to be for the lovers of literature and readers of poetry. You cannot ignore him if you are a lover of English literary art. You can enjoy Shakespeare any day because of his artistic capabilities to turn the moods of his audience and readers. Likewise, you will find T. S. Eliot at the top when it comes to keep his readers in tact and glued to his outstanding wit's display in his writings that are loaded with facts, fancy and wonderful images drawn by the allusions to the past and wonderful art on display.


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