Wrote a book already? Time to promote it!

While writing a book has become difficult, getting it published has become more and more comfortable, accessible and even easier day by day. This is because of the rise of self-publishing companies in India. However, something that has been becoming more and more difficult is getting a book into the hands of the right audience based on the interest in particular genre or theme of the book. Why has it been so? Very simple – there are too many books in the market and there are limited readers in the country. So, a reader has many choices by default and he or she will choose a book that will have more credibility, more trust and also more reviews. Do you get the maths? And here a new bridge comes into play known as the art of book promotion.

The authors who are in the industry for long understand this game very much and that is why their books are always on the top of the hierarchy. However, the authors who are new, with debut publications or 2-3 books, cannot understand the game of book marketing very much and they cannot take the call. When they realise they had to promote a book to get into the hands of people, it has been too late to begin. Therefore, if you are an author, you should be prepared for the book promotion activities right at the beginning. It should be on your cards even before you publish your work or finalise the publisher because the campaigns for book promotion should begin even before your publication is done.

Anyone who is an author should ask me, why before publication? What would an author promote? Well, dear authors, you need to promote yourself too! You need to let the target readers know that you are there who aspires to become an author and your book will be published within 3-4 months or whatever time it takes. You have to prepare the ground for your book launch. You have to understand the market. You have to communicate to the readers who might take interest in your genre. You have to create a space for you in the vast book market of India.

Well, there are many authors who skip this important part of their publishing journey and become silent after 2-3 failed attempts to kickstart their writing career. Please remember this part – even if you write the best literature, you cannot become a successful author without mixing your efforts with a quality book promotion campaign. So, if you want success, you need to indulge in promotion yourself or you can choose any good book marketing company. I will personally suggest BookBoys PR because this is the only dedicated, registered and official PR company working only for authors and publishers. So, once you get along with them, you can focus on your writing without worrying about the promotion part! And that's a position any serious author would want to be! You need someone to handle your social media presence, get your books reviewed by the top book bloggers in India, getting your press-releases published and so on...

Did you get this, dear authors? If you have understood my message, you are good to go! All the best!


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