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The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society - Book Review

It has been long since I last reviewed, in all its possible best sense, a novel. So, here I am with a novel that I received for review a few days ago, written by an Indian novelist Anand Arungundram and entitled The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society. From the reviews already on the Internet and also the first look and impression of the book, I can say that the novel is best-suited as a children literature and young adult fiction which teenagers and youths will like. So, let's get deeper into the details and breakdown this novel into different highs and lows that I have observed based on my intensive analysis and thorough reading of the novel by Anand.

Amish Tripathi and back to History with him

Amish has been very famous, perhaps only second to Chetan Bhagat, in the recent years in India. His publications have thrown him to the top of the hierarchy when we talk about the authors who are writing anything other than contemporary romantic novels. One list is headed by Chetan Bhagat at the top and another is led by Amish Tripathi, without a doubt. His novels are from the historical annals of India – Ram, Sita, Shiva and so on... his novels bring historical facts to the modern readers with a newness that attracts the youths and young audience and take them back to Indian civilisational progress and its heroism.

Indian English Poetry has come to a chaotic blend... superconscious and unconscious mix together...

Since the time the idea of Indian English poetry emerged, it has been through many different phases, braved different waves of ideologies and stood firm and tall for long. However, once the tide of nationalism and Indianness faded away, Indian English poetry seems to be decaying with the rise of commercial poetry, poetry without base and poetry without conscious. There were a few poets till late who were able to produce some poetry of meaning, however. Nevertheless, most of the poets who are writing in English today do not make much sense. They can be bestsellers and famous but their poems have no importance in terms of literary weight and relevance.

Vikram Seth – the poetic child!

Vikram Seth is a well-known poet but known more as a children poet rather than a poet of all seasons and all age-groups. It is not a crime to be known as a poet of children. Writing something that can keep the children engaged is a challenging task and Seth is performing to the gallery of his audience rather well. We need to appreciate that. Be it his poem like The Frog and the Nightingale or any other poem, Seth has been at his vocal best in these works. However, today we will talk about a comprehensive collection of his poems – Collected Poems.

Few Things Left Unsaid by Sudeep Nagarkar – Book Review

I am in a constant loop when it comes to reading and criticising 'modern romantic' novels by Indian novelists who write nothing but must confusing storylines with usual sexual and sensual stuff and sell them with a wrapper of contemporary romance and readers of young age go gaga over these novels. How dangerous it can be? Well, no immediate danger in terms of anything big. However, in terms of literary sense fading away from the reach of our youths is a problem that might linger in the long run. The beginning has already been here. So, today, I am going to talk about Sudeep Nagarkar's debut novel Few Things Left Unsaid .

How to pick a good self-publishing company for your debut book?

When it comes to self publishing in India, things become confusing. Well, this is not an easy task. The title might seem to make it easy as 1, 2, 3 and boom but it's not as simple as that. Choosing a self-publishing company for your debut book is a serious job and it should be taken seriously, always. You cannot just go on and pick a company which is advertising itself on google for the target keywords and anything you type, it appears at the top in the advertisement section. AVOID these companies because they are mostly scams attracting their customers just to lure them into contract signings and then leaving them on themselves. You should never pick up any company which is giving ads. Why do they need to post ads if they are doing good? Let the customers speak for themselves!