Few Things Left Unsaid by Sudeep Nagarkar – Book Review

I am in a constant loop when it comes to reading and criticising 'modern romantic' novels by Indian novelists who write nothing but must confusing storylines with usual sexual and sensual stuff and sell them with a wrapper of contemporary romance and readers of young age go gaga over these novels. How dangerous it can be? Well, no immediate danger in terms of anything big. However, in terms of literary sense fading away from the reach of our youths is a problem that might linger in the long run. The beginning has already been here. So, today, I am going to talk about Sudeep Nagarkar's debut novel Few Things Left Unsaid.

Sudeep's template is very simple. You need a guy who is half-hearted into love with a girl who is also not willing to commit herself into any kind of romantic relation. However, these two people come together, somehow. They meet more than often leaving their classes behind and sending out a message to the teenagers that even your study is not more important than finding a partner, at a very young age when you don't even know what love is. Further, these two lovers, still unknown that they love each other, sleep together, have sex and still they are unable to decide what to do next with the relationship. So, they decide to have sex a few more times to get a feel of each-other's body. Have you read anything more absurd than this?

Few Things Left Unsaid is a novel that should be skipped outrightly because it does not let the readers become seriously involved with the text, assuming it as a romantic novel also does not work! What to do?

The novel has an epilogue that discloses a few things that might ruin the suspense in the novel. Sudeep claims so. However, there is nothing in the novel that needs to be ruined. Everything is already ramshackle and the novel is ruined the moment it begins with a cheap, sadak cheap language that you don't even find in a c-grade movie. The plot is evenly monotonous and you already know what might be the next move on the chessboard because you are playing on the both sides. The novelist needed to work hard before publishing the novel but those were the days of Srishti Publications that made confused stars like Ravinder Singh and Sudeep Nagarkar. And, unfortunately, we have to bear these authors today!

I would strongly suggest to the readers of IamReading Book Reviews Blog that you must skip this novel if you are lucky enough to have already skipped it so many years. The novel is not worth your time and you can and you should read many other titles which are meaningful even in the romance genre. The novelist is just doing cheap tricks with some semantics around two usual characters and a very popular template that many modern novelists writing about love and sex use. So, save your mind and time. All the best!


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