How to pick a good self-publishing company for your debut book?

When it comes to self publishing in India, things become confusing. Well, this is not an easy task. The title might seem to make it easy as 1, 2, 3 and boom but it's not as simple as that. Choosing a self-publishing company for your debut book is a serious job and it should be taken seriously, always. You cannot just go on and pick a company which is advertising itself on google for the target keywords and anything you type, it appears at the top in the advertisement section. AVOID these companies because they are mostly scams attracting their customers just to lure them into contract signings and then leaving them on themselves. You should never pick up any company which is giving ads. Why do they need to post ads if they are doing good? Let the customers speak for themselves!

There are too many companies when it comes to self publishing in India. So, how do you decide if the company is genuine and they will deliver on the promises they make? The answer is very simple. There is something called logic. You have to apply that to distinguish the promises which seem to be viable and the promises which seem to be just gimmicks to attract you into paying them heavy amounts. For example, suppose a company promises you that they will get your book reviewed in newspapers. Do they actually promise you the same? NO! They will tell you, very cleverly, that they will pitch your book for a review in newspaper and it will be done only when the newspaper finds your book ideal for their review. So, what did your publisher do? Just took money from you.

Likewise, there will be many promises which seem just shallow marketing gimmicks without reality. You need to avoid those. Always remember that a book publishing company which deals with self-publishing authors has one basic job – taking orders and printing your books. So, try finding a good and honest company which can make your budget transparent and work as you say them to do. You have to pick the cheapest publishing package and you just need your publisher to do the print job for you. If they promise promotions, marketing and book advertisement, you just need to outrightly reject them unless they show you evidence of their promises. For example, if a title published by them have been reviewed by any well-known book critic in the past or any author published by them could make it big in terms of reviews and recognition. Otherwise, just reject them and pick a self-publishing company that will do the printing job for you as you wish.

Tips that will help you in the beginning of your writing career:
  1. A good self-publishing company will begin with your manuscript and consultation on that
  2. An ideal self-publisher will deal your budget in transparent manner
  3. A good company indulged in self-publishing will offer you marketing as an optional part and won't force you to buy it
  4. A good company for self-publishing will charge you very less when it comes to publishing only
  5. A good self-publishing company will let you decide the book price
It might be tough for you if you are entirely new into the Indian writing industry. Therefore, you should look for author friendly publishers. I would suggest you to go with Ashvamegh Publications. Ashvamegh is a trusted name in publishing and they are a part of BookBoys PR, the only company for book promotions in India. So, when they offer you book publicity, that is guaranteed and you should take it. Ashvamegh charges vert less for publishing and you can also trust them with marketing.

All the best!


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