Indian English Poetry has come to a chaotic blend... superconscious and unconscious mix together...

Since the time the idea of Indian English poetry emerged, it has been through many different phases, braved different waves of ideologies and stood firm and tall for long. However, once the tide of nationalism and Indianness faded away, Indian English poetry seems to be decaying with the rise of commercial poetry, poetry without base and poetry without conscious. There were a few poets till late who were able to produce some poetry of meaning, however. Nevertheless, most of the poets who are writing in English today do not make much sense. They can be bestsellers and famous but their poems have no importance in terms of literary weight and relevance.

It has come to this stage only because the idea called Indianness in Indian Literature has died and we cannot find it anymore. People are busy in bringing their ideas from nowhere or from the sources which re little or not at all known to the Indian readers of English poetry and thus, it is difficult for anyone to connect with these poems. Connection between the readers and what they read is very important. And modern Indian English poets seem to have lost it a long way.

Poets like Jayanta Mahapatra tried their best to show to the connection with Indian ideas and Indian subconscious but their own ambivalence in thoughts could not make it big and the idea could not be furthered. A. K. Ramanujan and others also tried it to an extent but their own uncertainty in the mind and heart could not set their poetry free of the shackles of unknown and they lost it as well. Modern Indian English poets like Rupi Kaur are trying their hands in commercial poetry and many of them, the digital ones, are trying something which is entirely unknown to the masses. Moreover, there are poets like Alok Mishra and others who are searching for the roots irrespective of anything else and trying to find a balance between modernist ideas and traditional causes.

Modern Indian English poets will have to ensure that they strike a balance in their ideas of the past, historical sense, spiritual connect and the futuristic and modern vision that not only helps the idea of Indian poetry survive but also thrive and reach the readers like ever before. If this balance is not struck, there are the days ahead in the stock that could see people getting disillusioned with Indian English poetry in toto and that will be unfortunate for something that was initiated with a hope so profound and zeal so convincing.

I will be sharing my thoughts about some of the poetry collections by Indian poets in English also some of the poets themselves. I request all the readers of IamReading Book Review blog to read Indian English poets and find for themselves what they think about it then and now, in various perspectives. Till then, have a good time and enjoy reading whatever you like. This is a difficult phase in our lives and we have to brave it with positivity and hopes.


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