The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society - Book Review

It has been long since I last reviewed, in all its possible best sense, a novel. So, here I am with a novel that I received for review a few days ago, written by an Indian novelist Anand Arungundram and entitled The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society. From the reviews already on the Internet and also the first look and impression of the book, I can say that the novel is best-suited as a children literature and young adult fiction which teenagers and youths will like. So, let's get deeper into the details and breakdown this novel into different highs and lows that I have observed based on my intensive analysis and thorough reading of the novel by Anand.

The novel begins with a fancy lesson in history that also strikes the mind of the readers instantly with its possibility of occurrence and I am sure that young readers will create no obstacles in letting it pass as the base-builder of this novel's plot and the twist's mother which begets the suspense in this novel later. Ashoka retires from battles, bloodsheds and mass murders after the Kalinga war and he decides to do something noble for the Indian civilisation by forming a secret society of 9 most intelligent and qualified men who are given the duty to prepare of a Book of Power that will be the haven to the most secret of the science and philosophy. The science is wonderful as you will see once you begin reading the book but just for a glimpse - time travel, space travel, inter-galaxy communication etc are bundled in that! What!

Here, in Hyderabad, India, somewhere, 9 children are born in the present time and they are all born in the same society, the same building, in the same neighbourhood. They grow up together and become best friends to each other, with a perfect harmony amongst themselves. They rarely may have thought what their destiny is! However, with the sudden and unfortunate death of one of those 9 children, their fate takes a sudden and unexpected turn and they begin searching for that Ashoka's Book of Power with a hope that they can bring their 'dead' friend back... and there, the novel begins shaping into its fantastic science fiction, thriller, fantasy piece that any reader would love reading!

The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society is wonderful in its limited context and the readers will have many moments of awe-inspiring experiences. However, the novel may have accommodated a little uplifting narrative and the use of language which could have given this wonderful fantasy thriller a facelift that it deserves. However, since this is the very first novel in a series by this author, we can hope for that much-deserving enhancement in the novel as it moves further. The novel ends at a turn that the readers will certainly understand should continue with further exploration into the unknown land. I give this novel a thumbs-up and I recommend it for kids, teenagers, youths and anyone else interested in fantasy fiction by contemporary Indian novelists. You should enjoy it!


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