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What does Shobhaa De mean today for modern romantic novelists?

Should I say these authors writing sizzling soft-porn novels romantic at all? An author who documents nights spent in hotel rooms detailing the act of intercourse in explicit style should not be called romantic at all. Romantic, by all means, were the novels by Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte or even Thomas Hardy. However, any day, I will not call the works by modern Indian authors sold in bunches romantic novels. These novels are, at their best, pornography in text that cannot be banned. The original idea or the original sin was germinated by Shobhaa De , the novelist who took down fiction from its high horse to the lower strata of society in terms of readership, maintaining the protagonists from the same high class. However, Shobhaa was clear about her idea and about her writings. She did not try to qualify her works as romantic novels – she was and is candid enough in telling others what she means.

Moving for Moksha: Alok Mishra's latest poetry collection is out for poetry lovers

It was October 2018 when Alok Mishra's first poetry collection, 13 Untitled and Weird Poems was published on Amazon Kindle for his readers and poetry lovers. Almost one and a half year later, his second poetry collection, Moving for Moksha, a collection of cryptic, spiritual and religious poems with a humane touch is out. Are you a poetry lover? Have you checked out the collection?

The Last Critic – a platform for book reviews emerges as a key player!

I have been following this website for some time now and I feel that this platform has the potential to become one of India's leading players in key-influencing Indian book market and trends. The website has many talented readers, reviewers and literary writers who keep the website afloat with new content weekly. The website has a unique style of book reviewing that peels off the book to its minimal layers and the readers can have an easy view from outside into the inside of the book and know whether the book holds on to their taste or not. What more does one need as a curious reader?

Indian Book Critics plans to relaunch the YouTube Drive

Famous Indian book review and literary platform Indian Book Critics has planned to get back to YouTube with short videos based on the articles on its website. The website is very popular among book lovers, enthusiastic readers and also authors and publishers. The website has a good fan following and the readers take advice by Indian Book Critics as a benchmark when it comes to make buying or skipping decisions in terms of books to read or avoid. The platform, moreover, has decided to extend its reach among the audience by reaching to them through a visual medium on YouTube. As YouTube is a popular platform and video consumption is very high in India, it can serve as a very good medium to reach readers, literary aware people and young readers who don't read content and rather like to consume content in the form of a video. Video is impactful, no doubt. And that's why the platform, IBC, has decided to revamp its continuing channel on YouTube and post videos about authors, book