Indian Book Critics plans to relaunch the YouTube Drive

Famous Indian book review and literary platform Indian Book Critics has planned to get back to YouTube with short videos based on the articles on its website. The website is very popular among book lovers, enthusiastic readers and also authors and publishers. The website has a good fan following and the readers take advice by Indian Book Critics as a benchmark when it comes to make buying or skipping decisions in terms of books to read or avoid. The platform, moreover, has decided to extend its reach among the audience by reaching to them through a visual medium on YouTube.

As YouTube is a popular platform and video consumption is very high in India, it can serve as a very good medium to reach readers, literary aware people and young readers who don't read content and rather like to consume content in the form of a video. Video is impactful, no doubt. And that's why the platform, IBC, has decided to revamp its continuing channel on YouTube and post videos about authors, books and literary facts on their channel.

It is more than certain that making a base on YouTube may take sometime but, in the long run, this medium is going to be very important and people, over time, will certainly need platforms like IBC and other leading literary platforms on the internet, to guide them in terms of their book buying choices and literary preferences. This step by IBC is indeed commendable and readers should join them on YouTube as well. Initially, they are planning to begin with 2-3 videos per week so that the content quality is maintained and, at the same time, readers and audience get something to walk the week. Are you ready for the YT relaunch? You can follow the channel of Indian Book Critics on YouTube by searching for their name and finding it out. All the best!


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