Moving for Moksha: Alok Mishra's latest poetry collection is out for poetry lovers

It was October 2018 when Alok Mishra's first poetry collection, 13 Untitled and Weird Poems was published on Amazon Kindle for his readers and poetry lovers. Almost one and a half year later, his second poetry collection, Moving for Moksha, a collection of cryptic, spiritual and religious poems with a humane touch is out. Are you a poetry lover? Have you checked out the collection?

Moving for Moksha is poetry beyond the mundane. Moving for Moksha, as the title of the book suggests quite clearly, is about emancipation, salvation and relief that a soul desires when trapped inside the human body. The poetry collection, this time, seems more empowered aesthetically and the poet has decided to offer the glimpse into his poetry with graphics as well. You will find images inside the book before every poem. It will certainly help the readers relate to the poems rather conveniently.

Alok Mishra is an Indian poet writing in English. He began writing as a young poet almost 10 years back and his poems were being published on the internet, some public platforms and some magazines. However, it was only serious when he began publishing on his own, official website. His poems are generally titled towards the ongoing and eternal debate between the contemporary and the permanent. He writes about the mirth and the truth. Inspired by Matthew Arnold and T. S. Eliot, he always looks to create a rift between his words so that the readers can see how difficult it becomes for a poet to live with verse within himself and the continuous strife for eternity and its suppression beyond any reality by the lust for the contemporary.

Moving for Moksha also introduces another character, Nidhi Parikh, who has written the foreword to the poetry collection. She has introduced the readers to the poems inside wonderfully. You can read that in the beginning of the book itself. In short, the poetry collection by Alok Mishra is power packed this time and it promises to deliver more than the previous one if you care. Are you ready for the poetic journey? You can grab a Kindle copy of the book on Amazon Kindle and begin reading it right now or find a good opportunity on the days when are you are sitting idle and doing almost nothing.

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