The Last Critic – a platform for book reviews emerges as a key player!

I have been following this website for some time now and I feel that this platform has the potential to become one of India's leading players in key-influencing Indian book market and trends. The website has many talented readers, reviewers and literary writers who keep the website afloat with new content weekly. The website has a unique style of book reviewing that peels off the book to its minimal layers and the readers can have an easy view from outside into the inside of the book and know whether the book holds on to their taste or not. What more does one need as a curious reader?

However, there is more to it. The Last Critic is a platform that believes criticism is not only about pros and cons of a book but it's more than many things we have been thinking it to be. I talked to one reviewer who writes for TLC and he said that the platform wants the readers to engage and understand that merely suggesting whether one should read book recently published or skip it is not their job. They are there to suggest what better can be done if something is not up to the mark or what bad has been done if something could not be up to the mark. Thus, not only suggesting to the readers but also suggesting to the authors and the writing and publishing community in general.

One should not be surprised if the website becomes a platform for top book bloggers in India in the coming months. It has the nice appeal about the website – easy navigation, well-defined categories, nice content, review of latest as well as famous books, timely list of recommended readings, literary aware content and many other qualities make this platform stand tall in the rush of platforms which offer book reviews and related stuff. Have you followed them yet?

Yes, one thing that these guys need to do well is managing their social media profiles in a better and synchronised manner. The website has more content than what appears on the social media. They need to promote what they write and regularly update their social feeds so that they can have an increased traffic and also the readers can be informed timely about content update on the website. This is a time when content writing has become easier but content promotion is the thing that matters more or the most. So, with this suggestion, I will suggest all the readers of IamReading blog that they should follow and regularly view The Last Critic website if they want regular book updates, recommendations and reviews. All the best guys!


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