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Avid reader? You will like these books – August 2020 recommendations

Hello, readers! The year 2020 is passing swiftly amid confusions and uncertainty and we can do almost nothing to stop things from happening the way they are. Lockdown, extensions, self-isolation, forced seclusion and many other things just to save ourselves from the deadly virus that is not ready to go away as of now. Well, while others might feel the pain a little more, critical, curious and voracious readers can make it a little smoother for themselves by investing their time in reading the books they might have missed for some reasons or finding the better ones to read in this prolonged phase of 'intellectual isolation'. Who are you? What are you? Aren't you curious how can you convert this phase of pandemic into opportunities and benefit? Here is the list of 4 books that you will love reading in August 2020 if you are just sitting home most of the times and doing nothing 'that' important. Golden Treasury by Palgrave: Well, this is a collection of poems for t

Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – Book Review

First of all, let's get it clear that Shawn's book is different when we compare it to the books that we often read in the name of motivational or inspirational or life-lessons kind. It is different because it does motivate you to do things in life but it takes a very different route. It inspires the readers to look within and realise that nothing is greater than a person's morality, ethics, code of conduct and abstract values of life. In his book, Shawn Vij focuses on the core values of life that we often sideline in order to achieve many things in our professional path, careers etc. The author emphasises on the need of these values in our life and he things that we must live, strive and thrive only with our values reflected in anything that we do. Moral Fiber is not a bulky book. It does not have many pages and many aspects that we often ignore reading in the usual self-help books by famous authors. Shawn Vij, I would rather point out, is a very popular personality hi

Indian Book Critics begins monthly choices

How good is it to find the best selections of books every month and reading those? We have many book lovers among us who choose (by investing their time) quality books for themselves and then further curate the list to spread the list of shortlisted books, finely chosen for the lovers of specific genres. You must have heard about Indian Book Critics by now. If you are a book blogger, reader or literary enthusiast, you must know that Indian Book Critics is a top literary platform that offers book reviews, author introductions, literary opinions and many others facets of literary writing to its audience. The guys have added a further extension to their already long list of literary offerings. Monthly choices. In an article shared on July 9, 2020, IBC announced that they are beginning the monthly Critics' Choice of the Month. Details: IBC's Critics' Choice of the month will be picked on the basis of different things but there will be only one book – be it a fiction or non