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Hello, readers! The year 2020 is passing swiftly amid confusions and uncertainty and we can do almost nothing to stop things from happening the way they are. Lockdown, extensions, self-isolation, forced seclusion and many other things just to save ourselves from the deadly virus that is not ready to go away as of now. Well, while others might feel the pain a little more, critical, curious and voracious readers can make it a little smoother for themselves by investing their time in reading the books they might have missed for some reasons or finding the better ones to read in this prolonged phase of 'intellectual isolation'. Who are you? What are you? Aren't you curious how can you convert this phase of pandemic into opportunities and benefit? Here is the list of 4 books that you will love reading in August 2020 if you are just sitting home most of the times and doing nothing 'that' important.

Golden Treasury by Palgrave: Well, this is a collection of poems for the readers who have their imagination very free. The book, in fact a collection of poems, will not be bad for anyone thought... anyone with an interest in reading can use this poetry collection to make some room for free thinking, entertainment and also learning too many things by reading the poems by some of the finest poets who wrote in English. The book contains poems by poets right before Shakespeare to the poets up to the early 21st-century including the ones like Bacon, Eliot, Yeats, Keats and many others. You cannot miss Palgrave's collection irrespective of your reading preferences. Know more: Palgrave's Golden Treasury Book Review

The Tailor's Needle: This is a novel settled in India of the early 20s and onwards by one of the most sensible novelist and literary personality in India right now, Lakshmi Raj Sharma. Sharma's novel has many qualities and the most important of those qualities that I would like to mention here is the seriousness of the novel. The novel portrays the freedom struggle, class differences, a ray of hope and also an abstract sense of union among the people of India. The novel has been appreciated by the readers as well as the critics for the language, choice of characters and also the theme. You must include this on your reading list for the coming month.

The Concept of 'God': Vinoth M, an author with science and logic, rational thinking and striking arguments as his forte, has come up with a non-fiction title The Concept of 'God' and you can easily judge from the title that the book is going to be interesting as well as intriguing. For the all the people who are religious, the book will be a challenge – you might have to defend your faith at times and you might feel comfortable as well, a few times. For all those who are rather modernist in their views about God, the book brings new concepts based on hardcore scientific inferences that they will certainly want to know and read. Overall, Vinoth M's The Concept of 'God' is a non-fiction book that brings to the table the newness of non-fiction writing and also a persuasive attempt that must be appreciated. Are you going to inquire 'God'? :)

Made in India: A Memoir: Do you know the famous supermodel Milind Soman? Do you know the person behind the glimmer of the Bollywood screen? Well, the Bollywood has become infamous and notorious recently or has always been but come to the fore most recently after some tragic events. However, coming back to the book, Made in India is a memoir written by well-known actor, model and athlete lately, Milind Soman. His book chronicles his life in India, his education and his early days in modelling and the struggles, success and more... The book will be a good read for those who love Milind already and a good medium to know him for the readers who have heard the name and are curious to find out more about this person. You can read more here: Made in India A Memoir review

Dear readers, I do believe that this list of books will help you spend your August 2020 in a better way compared to what it could be without books... do read and enjoy!

A list by Suraj for IamReading Book Blog


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