Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – Book Review


First of all, let's get it clear that Shawn's book is different when we compare it to the books that we often read in the name of motivational or inspirational or life-lessons kind. It is different because it does motivate you to do things in life but it takes a very different route. It inspires the readers to look within and realise that nothing is greater than a person's morality, ethics, code of conduct and abstract values of life. In his book, Shawn Vij focuses on the core values of life that we often sideline in order to achieve many things in our professional path, careers etc. The author emphasises on the need of these values in our life and he things that we must live, strive and thrive only with our values reflected in anything that we do.

Moral Fiber is not a bulky book. It does not have many pages and many aspects that we often ignore reading in the usual self-help books by famous authors. Shawn Vij, I would rather point out, is a very popular personality himself. He is a global business leader who has had a lucrative career but one meeting with The Dalai Lama changed his perception on many things and he changed his path to become someone who inspires others to embrace the path of living with human values rather than being a robotic tool for professional achievements. You will know the sentiments when you begin reading Shawn's own experiences in his wonderful book Moral Fiber which has been appreciated widely by the critics and readers.

The famous theory that the book tries to portray in front of the readers and which has been highlighted by many readers and critics is of the 4Ds that have the power to spoil anyone's life at the work places. Moreover, the author has also given many tips and easy mantras that we can apply on ourselves to come out of any kind of problem that we might be facing in our offices or any other places where we work for money.

I would like to say that Moral Fiber is a work that needs to be read by anyone who is a corporate employee and anyone who is a person working in any office or company or virtually anywhere. As a person earning money for survival, do we need to give in everything? How can we keep our 'soul' safe? How can we save ourselves from giving in everything and make unsatisfying compromises? What is the code of conduct? How to realise and cultivate moral fibre? These things are discussed in the book by Shawn and I believe the book will be a wonderful experience for any reader because it directly comes from the first-hand experience by Shawn Vij – with very little of the usual self-help elements coming together tp preach the readers. Shawn is rather sharing with the readers the things that they must practise in order to remain happy, remain humane and achieve success at the same time.


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