The Shambala Sutras will be beyond mythology... book preview & opinion

Dear readers, Indian novel is evolving and we are seeing many new achievements by novelists day by day. Keeping aside the pseudo-romantic approach by the authors, we are also seeing a wonderful progress in the genre of mythological fiction as well. With the rise of Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, Anand Neelakantan... many more Indian novelists are trying their hands (and luck as well) in this genre and some of them are getting true recognition as well. A recent name that has been added on the list of emerging mythological and historical novelists is Aurijit Ganguli, the author of The Shambala Sutras.


Aurijit has added suspense to his novel in a way that it compels the readers to continue with the flow of the narrative, without stopping and seeing aside. Moreover, other elements that are added to the text in a proper proportion are religious perspective, spiritual angle, adventure spirit and a simplistic plot that inspires the readers to follow the central characters and know all about them in a quick succession. In short, the novel is power-packed, with punches of secrets and assaults of adventure in the Himalayan regions of Tibet and India... in search of Shambala after the initial search of Sanjeevani Booti – a medicine that can bring the dead back to life! Isn't that too much to wait? Just get a copy now and enjoy your weekend...

Introduction of Aurijit Ganguli to the gallery of Indian mythological fiction writers in an indication that all the emerging authors are not doing the same thing, that is copying others just like that. There are the novelists who are covering the ground and doing the hard work on their story, concept and connecting the dots in a proper way to offer their readers the excitement, reading pleasure and also a bit of wisdom...

If you want to know more about the novelist, you can visit his website here:

You can also find the links to buy his book from various platforms online on his website. And don't forget to encourage the emerging authors you like – at the end of all these, we do want to see fresh stories on the table rather than reading the same old things. So, cheer the new figures who have original stories to tell! All the best!

I will try to cover the book review of many other novelists who are new but have the story that can keep the readers engaged and intrigued. Aurijit Ganguli's story will certainly make get your surprised by the depth and imagination that it offers. Likewise, I am sure that many other books and authors I have been reading these days will give you things to think... Happy reading!


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